Update 27 – Goodies, Raid loot

First, I’m not going to talk about the quests – but I mention that it’s 3 flagging and 1 raid. They’re not part of a wilderness and clicking on one quest giver will open a quest window. So don’t expect Epic Shavarath slayer area.

Second – Turbine seem to have ‘spiffed’ up the graphics somewhat. Tweaked directX 11 if you like. At least it seemed that way when I ran it. For such a war thorn blown up area it seems okay.

But lets instead talk items.

Turbine have gone all out and released a bunch of items this time – seems they have more than the dojo let you get – and we know that some of it will change over time, but it gives you a basic idea of their intent.

Also – all new artwork. They have gone out of the way to make some really interesting items. No armor as far as I can tell which is unfortunate since the items are very Archon like and cool looking. I have a feeling that a lot of this stuff will be mirrored.

At present time they have lots of weapons, lots of shields and one of each item including rings.

Below I will present some of the stuff I took screen shots of just to give you an idea.

Lets start with Raid loot (raid was not open yet, but the items – at least some of them – were).



Ultimatum is one of 4 shields in the game – this is part of the raid loot, the others are part of BTA quest loot.

This adds things like Petrifying Immunity, but it’s uncertain if it’s better (or similar too) the purple knight shield out of Haunted Halls. It does come with 2 augment slots so that’s nice. The artwork is splendid.



Sightless is a raid helmet with what looks like interesting art, but when you put it on it’s the look of the Mushroom cap, so I’m sure the next build will give you the right look.

As you can see it’ll add significant power to melee and ranged and it’s an odd mix of helmet abilities. Certainly nothing special outside the raw power boosts.



More Raid loot. This time a necklace. This has some interesting qualities.  As you see with this and other items there will be a lot of additional small stacking boosts. This can be good for both Bards and Fey pact Warlocks (or anything else that like sonic based damage to their spells).

Many-Hooked Greaves

Many-Hooked Greaves

These raid boots are a mixed bag. Higher strength than any other items (except the Mythic helmet from E-temple of Vol, but it is directly competing with the boots out of E-Necro and not in a winning way.

First off it does have good amount of strength and a new stacking Vertigo, but the E-Necro boots have perma greater heroism and boosts to all tactical feats. So if you want good strength and be able to trip, this is nice (I assuming in this case for Acrobat or q-staff monks) but if you need stunning and such nothing beats the E-necro boots.

To me this is not making the choices very hard. Given the lack of other diverse stunning tactical items (of this caliber anyways) these boots are going to be second to what’s out there.

Again – some classes might like these better, but as a tactical vanguard player the boots of the innocent are king.



This is an interesting trinket. Adds LOTS of heal amp and several unique boosts.

Gauntlets of the Arcane Soldier

Gauntlets of the Arcane Soldier

These raid gloves are an arcanes wet dream however I hope Turbine is going to change it to also include Warlock (for Arcane aug).

More SP, more DC breaking (I wonder if this is the same that’s on the thunderforged armor, pity if so) and spellcraft. This is a solid casting item.

This is it for the raid items so far. It’s possible that there will be another type of crafting system, such as for rings and these are just additional items you can find. Who knows. This was just a first preview of the pack and things will change or be added. And since we never had the chance to try the raid, we don’t know what the ultimate feature of it will be.

Next post will be about the BTA items.


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