The human thing to do

As the brief story in my previous post suggest, I have now TR’d my Bladeforged Warlock into a human Warlock. I thought about doing either a Drow or maybe say a morninglord or any of the other Iconic (Shadarkai looks…yum) but I don’t want to waste any more lesser reincarnations to blow away the first level to remain pure.

Plus I like human. Sure – it won’t get the best Charisma but it has a balanced ability sheet and 2 starting feats. Now that being feat starved is the greatest issue, but it helps to diverse.

I’m going to be honest to you – as most people suggest Warlocks are good (if not REALLY good) in heroic. It’s true that doing up to level 7 quests isn’t all that special – currently rounding off level 8 after finishing Deleras – but it’s already a remarkably resource free experience. I barely have to shrine at all. And that’s true with the level 15-28 experience as well, but moreso in the early levels.

Had this been my sorc or wiz it would be a completely different story.

An interesting way of playing the early level where the eldricht blast and pact damage is weak is to supplement with a eternal wand. I used the free one you get in the very first quest – put it in the main hand and impulse item in the secondary – that way you can actually use the wand now and then without switching off eldricht blast.

I’m doing the same now but with cacaphonic verge or whatever – the sonic blast based want that drops somewhere. It’s excellent for breaking of stuff and fire ahead of you to discover stuff you can’t spot. In all honesty you don’t need that many other items.

I get the pact damage from the rock boots. Cannith challenge item. I have all the related one for level 3, 6, 10 and 14 (normally it’s 3, 7, 11 and 15 but I have unlocked tier 3 and crafted in masterful for a drop in level).

Random impulse sticks are plentiful and if need be you can always find a good alignment stick to boost possible ‘evil’ damage from say stricken and consume.

The reason why I did this is simple; It’s not that bladeforged is bad, but it does cost you lots of enhancement points get the SLA reconstruct. And in Epic levels it’s almost more efficient to twist in cocoon instead. It’s sad that race based enhancements is not a separate expenditure from the class based because as of now I seldom invest in it, even if there are some nifty features there. And that’s truly a pity since the race based ones add great flavor.

To me at least Warlocking is a fleshy thing. Less alignment based restrictions, more flexibility even if it means starting from level 1 again. But given how ‘comfortable’ it seems to rise in levels using Warlock I don’t think that’s going to be the main issue.


4 thoughts on “The human thing to do

  1. Tholgrin

    The Cacophonic Verge drops from Prince Gornard’s (the giant skeleton) chest in the Claw of Vulkoor.

    I’ve been thinking about making a Bladeforged warlock, myself… But that’s more to shore up the self healing holes in Epic than anything else. Sure, twisting in cocoon works, but only if you’re on a toon that has that particular sphere available already.. both of mine did not, and have to unlock it. :-/

    1. patang01 Post author

      Bladeforged is not bad, but it does eat up enhancement points since the SLA reconstruct is tier 2 and cost 2 points per invest. Plus if you do want to use anything other than Fey, you’re going to have to spend a lot of lesser reincarnation to blow away first the 1 level THEN another to change alignment. Basically you do the iconic as Fey, hit 15, then do a lesser +1 to blow away the 1 level of Paladin (if you want to be pure and get off good and lawful) THEN by an alignment change and finally a lesser to pick the pact of choice (other than Fey). That’s a lot of investment just to go bladeforged.

      On Cacaphonic verge – since you really only need pact damage (like acid and the cannith boots), an impulse stick for the force damage and possible something that adds alignment based spell damage (for the evil damage from consume and stricken), you have the main open for wand. It works nicely if you have a multi button mouse like mine. It allows you to destroy breakables very easy while still auto attacking with Eldritch Blast. And much faster than trying to break with the blast since the first shot has that silly long delay to it.

      1. Tholgrin

        That’s a LOT of juggling… and since (thus far) my favorite pact for raw DPS has been the Fiend, I’m not sure I can justify it. I had thought that making a Fey pact in the same line as my bloodthirsty Soul Easter build would improve versatility due to it being sonic based instead of fire, but somehow the raw DPS just ISN’T there. It’s had me pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the causative factor is.. both have crit chances above 30% in force/alignment/pact and comparable spellpower, but the long and short is Fiend has a marked increase in DPS over the Fey.

        Which supports my original hypotheses, which was that those who weren’t happy with their warlock damage had gone Fey. Not that it’s BAD, granted, it’s still murdering everything in sight, it’s just not AS ridiculous. Lol.

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