Old hunting grounds

I most often Iconic Reincarnate. Much less gear to switch, far less quests to run and you get right into the meat of the newer stuff.

But now and then (such as wanting to play human without wasting +1 lessers on changing that first level) I True Reincarnate and start from scratch.

Like with my now level 9 human Warlock. What I especially like is to see how different classes handles similar type quests. And so far it’s true that Warlock is by far the smoothest way to level up – particularly since the one attack (Eldritch) is such a universal way to destroy critters. Force and most pact damage will work very well against most creatures. And once you unlock something like untyped piercing it only gets better.

Acid is of course particularly effective against most creatures in the beginning but as I mentioned before Sonic is very nice as well. And the best way to get the most out of pact stuff is to invest in Cannith Crafting. Such as the trinket for sonic, the cloak for fire and the boots for acid.

That covers level 3, 6, 10, 14 and 20. And gives each one of those levels a major maximal boost in spellpower and lore. Ontop of that these items are also good with additional benefits. Boots provides immunity against slippery surfaces and a nice stone prison guard. The cloak adds fire absorb that works in conjunction to a possible 33% absorb item you might create (or find such as the named items out there) and the trinket adds benefit against constructs.

The only thing missing is your basic random impulse stick OR if you got it, shadowmail or the Wizard’s ward with impulse. Add to that the sage bracers and you got the 15+ levels covered.

Right now I’m working off Sorrowdusk and if I won’t hit 10 finishing that off I might do the entire Red Fen. Then awaits the 10-13 hole before I can start enjoying the regular mid plus drive from 14 to 20. That one is much easier.

Full Macabre for 14, Gianthold, Eveningstar, Wheelon, Vale, both Harper and maybe even thunder mountain stuff. In fact once you hit 15 you don’t even have to worry finding quests – there are entire chains that’ll take you to 20 with ease.

Until then I will do the few chains I can find here and the odd quests there until I get to that point.

And it’s fun reconnecting with quests I haven’t done for years. Even forgetting where some traps are (and dying). Dying is okay – stupid dying is not. Like when the spastic healer hireling without raise dead (and all the healing) wants to smack a skeleton across a room where traps are going off. And all you have is some cure serious pots.

Micro managing stupid hirelings gets boring for sure.


2 thoughts on “Old hunting grounds

  1. Tholgrin

    At least “stay put while on passive” finally means STAY THE $&@# PUT!!! unlike a few patches ago.. man, that set me off every single time.

    Idiot hires…


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