Update 27

Today, Monday – update 27 will be released. It follows a similar process to the last 2-3 updates of what seem like a hard target release and then several patches to fix what’s broken.

This was particularly telling with ToEE that was still being polished by the time next update was released and there’s still some issues with Warlock – issues that are not entirely resolved in this patch but being worked on. A few that are plaguing some of the trees and have people upset since Turbine is nerfing some of the power of Enlightened Spirit, while not fully fixing everything that ails Warlock.

I understand the re-balancing – but it is true that Turbine has the tendency of leaving things in a broken stage while still adjusting the needle.

There’s also a promise of a fix to the borked hirelings. I never had a chance to test it while on Lamm so it’ll be interesting to take it for a spin in the Cannith challenges. Apparently when you tell them to stay put it’ll put down a flag – a flag the hirelings then will only move a few meters from.

Personally I’m skeptic. Not that they’re not going to stay in the vicinity of the flag, but given that there are a bunch of other complex things going on – I have a feeling that the hirelings will be perpetually agroed on things you’re fighting instead of worrying about the stuff hitting them. That’s essentially the issue right now – the reason why they come running for you is because they’re agroed on the things you fight. And once you stop fighting what you’re fighting, they’ll end up getting stuck midway between you and where you told them to stay.

So if they’re defending a specific spot, they will now be far away from it. By adding a flag they might just be moving within the area of the flag, but still ignoring the object you want them to fight. You can see that right now at times when shooters and such can attack something not far from them and they will completely ignore that. It was a particular problem in Crystal Cove, where you could have a hireling no more than 10 meters away while the enemy snuck in behind them and slaughtered the kobolds.

Finally – no word on a moratorium on raid time bypasses for new raids.

If there are none the raid will be more or less over within the next few weeks. Just as with MOD and all other raids before it. I don’t know if that’s really something Turbine wants, but unless they at least put an artificial block on using bypasses say until the next update drops, all new raids will be plundered quickly, leaving the rest of us that can’t run the same raid for 24 hours straight behind.

I still would like to get some stuff from MOD for several of my guys. I haven’t seen that raid being run for months.

I still would like some heroic comms to unlock stuff that I have. Including even some of the old dragon armor (now that I finally have enough green scales etc). I can’t since they all require some heroic comms.

And I still would like some items from both CITW and FoT, but they’re not running anymore. The only one still running is the Shroud and sometimes the raids for thunderforged items.


2 thoughts on “Update 27

  1. Tholgrin

    Wow.. That stinks 😦 there’s a raid being run almost daily on Orien. Last night was Fall of Truth, Saturday had not one, but two Mark of Deaths.. I’m sure there are other players with the exact same sentiment on your home server. Perhaps it’s a mantle you could take on?


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