Turbine makes another mistake

There’s nothing wrong with the new content – 3 medium sized heroic or Epic quests and one shorter raid. No the issue isn’t the content or the raids but the continued ignorance of allowing raid timer bypasses.

It’s clear for example that Turbine finally listened to people and removed the sellable named items – not most of them are BTA. And that’s a good thing – if you want the item you’re going to have to buy and run the content. Contrary to some popular belief; being able to sell stuff you don’t need is not a good thing since it shows clearly that people like to run things on EE then sell desired items. Desired items bought buy people who either don’t buy or run the content.

Should there be a way for people to profit? Yeah, I think so – and ToEE added such a feature but unfortunately saturated the entire board with LOTS of items instead – seeing that the base item was unbound and cold be sold and the added tiers bound it. But since there was so many in circulation there was no value in selling it for shards and now you can find anything you’d like for plat.

To me then the best solution would be a ‘hard’ to get base item for sale with 2 tiers of upgrade that tier 1 BTA it and tier 2 upgrades it and maybe a tier 3 version that adds some kind of set bonus but also makes it BTC. Again, sellable for base but you need to run the content to upgrade it. Sorta like Emacabre and tapestries – but with more than just adding augment slots.

But lets go back to the big mistake in Update 27 – allowing raid timer bypasses. I’ve run the raid once; on my barbarian. And the group I was with was hammering the new raid 24×7 – as you can see from the early days when the instance was so saturated with people it caused serious lag.

Now it’s fairly dead. And it’s going to get ‘dedder’. In fact I play almost every day and see very few raid trains going. Most of the other raids are dead and this one won’t last through August. Again – Turbine kills a raid in less then a month and the rest of us that was looking forward to running it now and then will be screwed.

Someone wrote that I should setup a raid; sorry – but I’ve sat in these older raids and waited for them to fill for over an hour and it’s a direct result of anyone that has run it 100 times in less then 2-3 weeks getting theirs and moving on. Leaving the few to try to fill a raid.

No excuse, no action from me personally can fix the problem Turbine creates by refusing to see just how detrimental raid timer bypasses is to the current state of the game. I don’t know what the excuse is, but by allowing a raid to be consumed and spat out in less then a month Turbine is killing the longevity of the end game in a heartbeat.

Lets hope they see reason before releasing E Vale because we need a longterm raid that runs daily and that people have to wait for and recycle their toons through. We cannot continue destroying the longevity of the game for short term thinking.


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