Hitting 20

I’ve been busy taking my former Bladeforged sorc (and then Warlock) through 1 thru 20. I did so by mostly running chains – but there were a few levels where I did a hopscotch of different separate quests.

But once I hit 14 I was nailing all the major chains and little else. Such as the entire Gianthold (with TOR). The pre-quests (not a chain per say but linked) to Wheelon and of course both harper and Shadowfell chains. I naturally also did Vale (a must do).

I did switch from initially running heavy Enlightened Spirit to a Souleater heavy build. Partly because towards the end I wanted to use con shaped blast and some of the dots. You could use bursts but the cone shaped attack is very nice when dealing with the supply convoy quest out of Shadowfell second chain.

Something odd happened tho using Create Thrall. For anyone that don’t know the Warlock ability, it’s a very strong dominate single creature spell. Strong enough to do so against almost any type of creature with few exceptions (arcane puddings are excellent Thralls btw).

I created a Thrall out of a Winter Wolf and a lion (two encounters as you head towards the harpies to make them allies) and once I dragged them into the Harpy nest the harpies went ballistic and started attacking. Yes – I could destroy them, only hurt them, but I didn’t even have a chance to talk to the Mother and start the sequence.

So note to others and self; don’t Thrall anything (I would assume that true with any type of charm spell). It’ll bork that option.

Later on when I finally got to the end of the quest – the camp – normally the harpies have destroyed everything and are well on their way to beat the giant. But since they got borked in the beginning they were entirely passive. Yes, I could defeat the mother once the initial chaos was done but when they leave for the camp they go passive.

I did all of the quests except the final one, since I had to go back, turn in the quests to flag and unlock the final (what goes up). By then I was level 19, had 2 bubbles left and I could turn in 2 sagas. So instead of grinding out more XP and waste more time, I turned in the sagas and hit 20.

I’m debating if I want to go back to Enlightened Spirit. Yes – it does provide you with a solid base of light based damage to your blast, two bursts and the option of adding Medium armor to the mix with more MRR and PRR. 2 Good things, but it’s hard to say no to the use of dots.

True, Shining through provides a good bunch of temporary points, but killing red named can take forever without the dots. We’ll see – changing is usually no big deal (other than costing plats).


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