Weekend Raidin’

I spent most of the weekend raiding – adding about 7 or so runs of Defiler, a few more runs with my Arti in MoD and then took my Warlock through Demon Queen and Chronosphere.

Primarily I’m looking for Ring of Spell storing (as well as the Bauble, which has turned into a fruitless set of runs).

It seems also that the Demon Assault is broken – I ran it at least once a day using shards every time and not one single named items. Either they have lowered the drop rate or it no longer offer any named items – either way I’m going to stop wasting shards until that mess is dealt with.

I did one EE of the Court of Lailat but it took too long and didn’t yield much anyways so I’m going to run EH instead – saving some time. I’m also running the actual raid as EH – I could potentially do EE but that pain is not worth it. At least EH gives me greater chance for greater tokens and sometimes even some items.

I did run Chrono on EN simply to spend less time – I could possible do it on EH since I have done so before (not a complete run tho since I never did the end fight), but again – I don’t feel like wasting a lot of time on it.

This is going to be the daily deal for now – running Defiler as often as I can, once or twice DQ and Chronosphere every 3 days. At least until I have the Epic spell storing ring.

And hopefully I can run Defiler enough to get the 4 items I want. That, along with the ring and the bauble will make my Warlock fairly resource free.


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