I’m no longer on the out

Up until a week ago I was entirely in the ‘not know’ of Game of Thrones. Mostly because once I heard about it and got interested it was 2 seasons out and I didn’t feel to DVR the rest. Along came HBO Go and I now had access to all of it.

So I spent a week binge watching it – actually not playing DDO for most part and when I finally got done with season five my had was like ‘full’ of GOT stuff.

The fun part of not having read the books and had to figure out the difference is that once season 6 pops out I would have spoiled myself and I can watch it as its released.

Truly – it’s fascinating comparing it to other fantasy and while I’m not a nutter about most type of series, books etc I like the characters without feeling overly attached.

I will say one thing; the evil is almost comical, as well as the good. That’s not unusual, but some of the gritty stuff seems so overdone and some of the ‘good’ people seem almost naively good given that they were born into this world and had a few decades behind them in it.

That’s why the ‘shocking’ stuff almost feel artificial. Meaning – the Starks, so seemingly naive in a world that was and had been steeped in grit and destruction for thousands of years. How did they survive all those years?

And the Lannisters – hated by all. Or the many ‘evil’ damaged people. Joffrey only a pale copy of the bastard son of the Warden of the North. Seems a little bit ‘too’ many similarly evil people.

Not to say it doesn’t make for interesting drama, but the cringe worthy ‘Jon Snow bites the bullet’. I’m not upset about it (honestly) but it seemed so contrived to leave as a cliff hanger. Or Sansa having to endure the horror of her life over and over or Arya losing her eye sight because…I don’t know.

Sorry, didn’t mean to view ‘magic’ or ‘events’ as logic but sometimes the idea of ‘twists’ becomes a little bit silly.

Finally – I like the dragon lady. She’s nice but inexperienced in most of how things function. She means well but so much of it falls apart with the reality of how the world works now and how quickly she want to change it. And that the dragons aren’t just nice pliable puppies. Well done. Of all the characters that seems to follow some kind of ‘learning’ this is the best one. And that she’s now seeing a bunch of people flock to her side to help. Many of them flawed but at least seeing hope for the world.

In contrast to that you have the White Walkers. I don’t know how that will play out but I hope they don’t make them so impossibly awesome so they have to be defeated through some kind of cheesy feature. That’s always a risk when you make that ‘one big uniting bad guy’ and then add a comically simplistic way of getting rid of all of it.

One of the great flaws with say the ring trilogy, where the bad guy is almost impossible to destroy and all it takes is one ring. To rule them all, or destroy the super bad guy.


2 thoughts on “I’m no longer on the out

  1. Tholgrin

    I have to agree.. It’s one of the reasons I can’t stand Superman as a character. Basically a god, but only if not in the presence of a simple rock, which apparently everybody and their brother have access to. >_>

    It’s the same concept, just applied to a hero, instead.. ridiculously overpowered, but only if you don’t know my soul-crushing weakness, which is posted all over WikiLeaks and my Twitter feed…..


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