Time to get off my break

I some times take breaks. This time, after coming off a brutal series of raids (the latest) I felt so done with DDO. The idea of playing it again felt like a chore so I fired up Defiance and started playing that.

I didn’t abandon DDO entirely. I played it a few hours here and there but not even the Epic and the heroic XP weekends could bring me back (entirely).

Defiance however is becoming (and a lot quicker) what DDO felt for a while. There’s not much there other than endless swarms and such and tons of different weapons that eventually all become the same.

Strictly speaking you’re talking about a few things that are good at most stuff – so while there are so many different options, any serious person knows what the gold standard is.

This is true with even DDO. You have choices and there are a scant few that specialize in some of it (like war axes, blunt weapons etc) but it’s still pretty much a few types that forms the base for most players.

To Turbines credit they have worked on expanding the options for players but if you’re looking at maximum DPS then it boils down to a few specific choices.

On the flip side of things – I found this place – Vistaprint that can put anything you like on a mug. Mine just broke. Someone placed it in the sink and other stuff on it and a chunk came off the edge.

So I’m looking for a replacement. Mine had ‘my cup of stfu’ on it. Sure – not mature – but it plays to the idea of how people act before their first cup of coffee, Not me.

So a better choice for me – and something I really is contemplating is a cup with my favorite toon on and with ‘Keep Calm and Raid on’ as text.

Or something similar. Yes – DDO is still my favorite game.


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