Micro transactions and ‘winning’

Whenever something is added to the store that might be perceived as P2W (for some it’s everything) it usually sparks an intense debate.

To be honest I can only thing of 2 things that ‘shortens’ peoples ability to ‘play’ and that is raid bypasses and shards AH – particularly because it destroys the raid scene in the long run and makes running content pointless. It’s true that Turbine fixed the one issue by making most new items BTA, but the problem still remain that raid bypasses wear out new raids very quickly.

There’s also an argument to be made about Tomes and P2W, Particularly since it’s almost impossible to pull tomes now in game, but to me that’s okay. It’s a marginal increase in power and Turbine got to make money some way or another.

To me at least winning is about ‘completing’ something without really needing to play much – when playing becomes incidental and the true general power is easy to achieve.

Different games solves (and fails) this in many ways.

In World of Tanks and War Thunder you can buy airplanes and tanks as premium which provides better income currency generation and can help train crew. But it won’t increase leveling of regular tanks. Yes – in WoT particularly it’s a hit and miss. Some tanks are great in general and others are terrible and feel like a rip off – but none of them makes the rest of the game easier since they’re not the ultimate tank for their tier. Just usually good at one spectrum and worse at the other.

Trion games and Defiance and Rift in particular allows you to buy player power direct in the store. Sure, there’s the regular boosts and cosmetics, just as you find in the DDO store, but you can also buy weapons and augmentations (mods) to equipment and weapons.

They are random, but you don’t even have to participate in the different events. Towards it they will gladly sell ‘event’ crates that gives you the same chance to pull something without grinding out events, quests and swarms.

In other words – you might not find everything in the store, but you can buy player power without an issue.

Warframe offers the same problem. It’s possible to grind out everything in the game but it’s so easy to buy not only blueprints to weapons and armor, but also material to build them.

In reality you can either play the game and grind out levels on items or buy them outright and with minimum leveling get some great gear. You can even buy mods (random pulls true) from the store.

So no wonder what Defiance and Warframe never really stuck with me and WoT and DDO are my most prolific games. Now I’m on an extended break from WoT and mostly because the community sucks. For a 15 against 15 type game it breeds some of the most individual and egotistic behavior and many times you have clan members platooning random pub game and berating everyone else.

While DDOs micro transactions are not perfect I am glad that there are limits. Limits on what you can buy through the store and that provides an incentive to continue playing.


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