Update 28

If we set the issue of ‘items’ aside for a minute I must say that I am impressed that Turbine put together 4 diverse quests in such a short period of time and with only one major issue (don’t use Divine Crusader destiny) in one quest.

True – these are not ‘elaborate’ quests. For most part they’re fairly ‘walk this way’ with one encounter after another. But there are some optionals (nothing major) and 4 different bosses with special powers.

These are all voice acted with interesting character but in the large scheme of things it’s not all that note worthy.

28 also continues a trend of giving everyone something. From some jumping stuff, to some puzzle stuff to a bunch of fights and some traps. That was true with the previous update. Given the time to both release 2 updated ranger trees and 4 quests of content it’s clear that they used their time wisely.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is ‘light’ stuff and that the length of most of the quests are moderate to very short. But they’re fairly okay as is, and introduces us with a new monster – the Slaad.

One should also note that the bosses now use a lot more tools. The Slaad seemed to use a fire energy vortex as well as some magister Wards. The boss in the shortest quest used both wards and some type of knockdown effect. The boss in the Cannith one used a copy (himself) function and finally the boss in the Harbor Druid one was a full fledged divine caster that seemed to use an arsenal of divine features in addition to BB.

That’s a good thing; sometimes it seems the bosses suffer from HP and DPS-sitis, with features that outright nails you or with some many hitepoints that you can spend 5 minutes mashing buttons (ToEE).

In these quests however it seems that all the different type of bosses and ‘flair’. And tweaked a little they can even be brutal reminders that bosses should be tough.


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