Update 28, stuff

If you don’t do it for fun, for progress, for incremental toon power, you do it for stuff.

And each update so far have had stuff in it. Turbine has elected to continue the BTA (something I happen to agree in) and they’re adding a new scheme. Unfortunately however it also seems like they’re continuing the practice of making the previous update less useful with each new.

The problem as I see it is that Turbine is trying to build up the 26-30 level scene and in doing so adding a lot of items in this very narrow spectrum. Just in the past 5 updates we’ve seen level 24 up to level 28 and in the last 3 an astounding amount of 26-28. In fact the last 2 is 28 only.

The issue with that is that we get a glut of high level stuff that sometimes compete with each others – that sounds good and all, but it’s particularly bad when raid loot is on the table. MOD is practically dead at this point and that’s level 27 BTA and 28 raid, but now the latest update is gnawing on the previous one.

It’s true that they’re not all similar. Where the previous update adds a lot of specific stand alone items, the newest one adds stacking set bonuses. Add 2 items and you get a specific quality bonus in say strength and add 6 items (rumored to be changed to 5 – lets hope so) and you get stacking quality bonus in everything.

The loot is not superior to existing, but it does compete in some areas. And I think the real issue is just how top loaded 28 is getting. You’re practically switching gear every single level after 24.

On the heroic side however it seems that the last 2 updates will be the goto gear for anymore leveling an iconic.

This update will provide the backbone of stacking set bonuses, throw in an armor, maybe a shield (altho this and the last ones added shields too) and you’re set.

Mysterious cloak or bracers for MRR, Heal amp (and add a 5% exp augment) and you’re good until level 20.

In fact I’m more excited about the heroic stuff in 27 and 28 than I am about the Epic stuff (with Epic shroud around the corner). I look forward to collecting all the items in the set and all the items from 27 and doing some iconic leveling.

Khopeshes for my 2 weapon melee, the great axe for my 2 handed melee (x4 crit on the great axe makes for an EXCELLENT heroic axe). Throw in some nice BTA Con, Char or whatever and you got yourself a fresh start.

And if you’re looking for armor this update have perfect caster armor. And for melee there’s almost the level 15 or so armor from the harbor with all the cool Xoriat features you can add. Or if you so want, maybe you have a nice heroic Dragon armor in your inventory (black is excellent for anything melee).

And speaking of ranger – I now have 2 of the khopeshes (and 1 for heroic). So once I hit 28 it’ll be the ranger goto tool. I’m also considering getting a few of those stacking items. Particularly since I haven’t played my ranger much since the armor up changes (he sorta got screwed) and now with the tempest change he’s so much better. So I never really got him any good stuff. Last armor was an Epic light dragon scale armor with helmet.


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