Ranger Destinies

I currently play a 16 Ranger, 2 Fighter and 2 Paladin.

It’s a simple Tempest/Deepwood Sniper build with a little invested in Arcane Archer. The primary form of attack is 2 weapon fighting with ranged manyarrow for burst damage. The strength at 28 with gear is a solid 50 with close to 40’s for dex and con. Nothing noteworthy. I can still eek out a little more by doing a third reinc.

It was my second char I ever made but I haven’t played it much since the second expansion and the drips and draps of changes to PRR and now added MRR. Plus the tempest tree was never all that strong – making it a weak build that couldn’t take a good hit. Now with the changes to Tempest and Deepwood, that has changed.

As you can see by the class tree I try to do as few clickies as possible. There are enough of those to go around when cleaving and such – no matter what Destiny you pick. I did use a few of them in the beginning but I realized after heavy use that I had more then enough to keep track of without having to worry about stacking tiny bleeding damage.

Even without destiny and your basic 2 cleaves there are still a few things to activate now and then.

4 Basic Destinies

It’s true that there are more than 4 Destinies for melee, but realistically and particularly for 2 weapon fighting, there are only 3 – the 4th being almost entirely ranged.

You could to an assortment of tanking destinies, divine, arcane etc but it’s only practical with specialized builds.

That’s not to say that you can’t have a ranger monk using the monk destiny or a sneaky deepwood sniper that use the rogue destiny, but since my build is a fairly straightforward melee I will cover what works best for my build – but the sky can be the limit.

Ranged – all in

Rapidshotta Shiradi Champion

It’s worth mentioning that Shiradi Champion is not the ideal Melee/Ranged hybrid since so much of it is on boosting ranged, but it is to the ranged spectrum of the build with some okay options for self healing (healing spring).

As so can see from the basic setup it’s standard ranger fair. You can save some points by respec Stay Frosty once you get Rainbow (competing stance) but since I use Stay Frosty as an excellent twist, it’s still in the tree.

A note on Stay Frosty. It’s an excellent tier 1 twists. There’s a fairly okay chance to slow down enemies when it proc’s so I don’t use it primarily for the cold damage.

Heavy Hitter

Rapidshotta Legendary Dreadnought

With Legendary Dreadnought you can do solid, stable DPS. It’s not a tree for self healing, so cocoon or similar is a must, but it is the tree for both melee and ranged, both off and on blitzing Generally without the effect of Blitz you’ll see about 600-1000 in crit damage, both from melee and ranged. That will pop up to the 1300 range while blitzing. Note – this is per weapon so the compounded effect will be determined by what combinations you use. Don’t be surprised if you see a solid 400-1k range with the upper range for Khopeshes and lower for scimitars and the like.

Right now I’m using a fire based ToEE khopesh and the one from update 28 – that in combination with a ToEE armor adds 20 melee and ranged power. But I am tempted to check out what 2 of the u27 khopeshes can do for you since that adds more selfhealing through vampirism and more chances to slow down a creature with limb chopper.

LD is a pretty drama free tree. It adds a few clickies but they’re primarily cleaves and speed boosts and such. Blitz work with ranged and melee so there’s no special configuration needed to maintain the blitz stack.

Also – there are 2 versions of blitz, one that is more defensive (PRR) and one that adds more dodge.

Spike Damage

Rapidshotta Fury of the Wild

Fury of the Wild is a great tree for a multiple of things. It adds basic self healing (a possible heal tick every minute), a nice rage strength and con boost, several ways to hurt outsiders more and adrenaline – a nice little spike boost to damage.

In general you’ll see your normal DPS hovering around 400-600 in crit damage. Unlike with LD you don’t have that many choices to boost overall DPS, but it does a few things that add additional damage to helpless creatures.

Once you hit max adrenaline (7 possible) you will also have the possibility of regenerate that through continued melee and ranged.

The spike damage, dependent on weapon (of course) will hit from the ‘low’ 2500-5k with 2 weapon fighting and around 1500 per shot. Given my build of course. I’m sure other maximized builds can get even more out of it.

There’s also another feature called overwhelming force. When you adrenaline hit someone they can be knocked down for up to 10 seconds and will be considered helpless (and take more damage). It’s an excellent way of knocking over large targets. This applies to the Epic moment as well and almost every shot in manyarrow- adding a very effective combination of burst damage and melee as it lasts for 30 seconds with an adrenaline hit every 3 seconds. Shots won’t knock stuff over, but when you combine it with Stay Frosty it’ll slow down large targets for long enough for you to do the whole burst part first and then follow up for the last 10 seconds with melee

Holy Roller

Rapidshotta Divine Crusader

Note, I haven’t unlocked the entire Divine Crusader tree yet, but so far the damage profile is close to the un-blitzing (so around 600-800 in crits) with excellent healing. The downside is perhaps the least amount of burst damage from ranged (but okay enough) but there’s no denying that getting 70 points of healing for every kill and using consecrated grounds for 230 heal ticks helps. Everything else is gravy.

Plus my build is about regenerating small amounts of SP via con op goggles. It allows me to get 20-30 SP now and then – enough to keep on par with what’s used using some of the features. I seldom ‘run’ dry and combining this with say the golem’s heart augment adds several consistent sources of healing. Enough for me to consider dropping cocoon in favor of something else.

Once I hit Celestial Champion it’ll add another +1 to critical threat range – adding more average DPS to the build. Currently the crit range is 15+ with khopesh and with a 4x crit multiplier. That’s good enough to add a saucy amount of DPS. And you’ll need it, because unlike other builds and despite all the self healing, rangers are still ‘frail’. The PRR hovers just under 100 and you’ll have to bank on dodge and evasion for the rest.


3 of the destinies offer self healing – ranging from light in FotW, slightly better in Shiradi and excellent in Divine Crusader.

3 of the destinies offer more then average to heavy DPS – FotW towards the bottom with nice spike damage, Crusader in the middle and Legendary at the top.

3 Offer a definite boost to ranged – Shiradi at the top with consistent procs, FotW for perhaps the best burst damage possible and a solid impressive DPS while blitzing and even off blitz for Legendary.

The question is really a matter of how you want to play your ranger and if you build for a good average Jack of All trades or top of line.

If the answer is top of the line DPS then Legendary is unequaled. Cocoon will do you over but you’ll also notice a lot of backtracking to heal when the incoming damage gets heavy.

FotW offers a balance between heavy DPS and self healing – not so much for the small tick, but from the ability to knock stuff down (such as EE Shadarkais that can chain attack every 10 seconds) and to add tremendous burst damage.

But if you want solid DPS and excellent self healing for solo runs then Divine Crusader will do you well. It won’t win you the high end DPS award but you can feel safe while smacking stuff inside your consecrated ground without the need to micro manage your health bar.

6 thoughts on “Ranger Destinies

  1. Tholgrin

    It’s not ranger based, but something to think about – Adrenaline Overload + Exalted Smite Evil = dead mob. Averages 7,000-7,500 with peaks up to 11,500 and crits on an absolutely ridiculous -15+. (Yes, negative fifteen.)

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