The extended weekend

I was off Thursday and Friday, adding a few additional days of playing. It paid off too as I first ER’d when u28 went live and then leveled 24 to 28 over the weekend.

So far so good. I started out doing LD since I wanted to line up an ER in LD. Adding a total of 9% doublestrike is nice and my next goal is to get 2 more in on FotW for 9 in doubleshot. But I’m also interested in DC – that adds PRR. True – 9 additional PRR will only get me a little above 100 but every single thing counts.

Ultimate I’d love to IR into a Purple Knight or Bladeforged just to get that level 15 to 30 bracket up and running. Not that it’s all that quicker or easier, but there’s a lot of great swap in and out gear now for 15 that makes the trip easier and less of a wardrobe malfunction.

I mention that because currently U27 and U28 adds a lot of great heroic gear. All BTA. The mysterious cloak/bracers handle all the MRR and heal amp needs and the U28 gear a bunch of stacking ability points. The gear themselves are pretty okay too. Add to that U27 weapons and you’re set. Maybe armor from the level 15 Xoriat harbor quests or for melee, a good level 14 black dragon armor.


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