Balance changes

When changes come you have two choices. Roll with the punches or reevaluate your investment. There’s a reason why DDO is losing customers and I’m sure some of it might be the age of the game – Turbine can’t put out enough content to keep people interested.

I doubt however it’s because everything is so easy.

Cordovan already expressed that the main reason are all the ones who complain about how easy everything is; so the result are changes that in some areas make sense and others don’t.

Cracking down on top line DPS is fine to me. In most cases the proposed changes will simply slow down the torrent of high crit DPS and we’re still going to be able to beat most content. I’m skeptical about the threat range change as it makes named and random items flavor less but I understand the reasoning, even if say someone investing heavy in thunderforged knife will be mad because Kukri is not the goto crit profile. Again – this is the nature of rebalancing.

The changes to holy sword seem fine too. With a caveat. I don’t get why it won’t apply to shields but that’s fairly minor. That it won’t apply to bows is fine altho some make the point that it also have to do with deity choice.

The changes to Warlock seems overboard. It’s adjustment to final DPS which will lower the DPS in heroic but also smack it in Epic where they’re not king. I get the balancing act. They’re trying to pair down a simply class with easy to invest DPS. But they’re doing so by punishing those that invested in the class with real money and now keep seeing it smacked down. There comes a point when those changes will feel like a cash grap and bait and switch.

The worst changes are the ones adding more fighter specific feats and no more MRR on armor. That is just way to much. I know that people think adding 4 feats for armor which adds PRR and MRR will compensate for losing PRR over all and all MRR through armor, but the reason why this was done in the first place was because of how things look before armor up. MRR was added to provide the gap between dodge and PRR, where evasion negated most magic damage. MRR became the solution that made heavy armor viable.

It’s going to be interesting to see what the changes will mean but I have a feeling you’ll see a heavy swing back to ranged and evasion with this. And I think listening to people complaining about how easy things is, is the worst Turbine could ever do.

Partly because they’re not going to be happy until we’re back to pre MOTU old epics where everyone knew their place. With dedicated healbots, CCing arcanes and meatshields slapping thousands of HP off critters for minutes. It wasn’t that much harder – it just gave the pretense of it if people didn’t group up according to the magic formula.

There is a romantic notion about the good old days, but it depended less on skill despite what people think and more about using standard tactics. In fact I’ve seen more diversity in my own toons post MOTU than pre. Where I make choices for my own survival and where there is a place for tactics and tactical feats.

Prior to that tactical feats were pointless and worthless just as they are for most part in EE’s.

We know that people who scream for ‘make it haaaader’ will continue to do so. Because they prefer the broken glass experience over just having fun. But it will be interesting to see how they’ll react when their fantasy of ‘maybe now people will start grouping up again’ don’t materialize.

Turbine did something good with the group XP trial – something that is about to come back tomorrow and run for a week. And that you can’t force people to group up – but add enough incentive and they will.


So once Lam is up again we will see just how these changes pan out. My feeling is that you’ll see a change towards evasion and ranged again. But it might also mean more people getting tired of investing a year or so into one character just to see radical changes and then decide they’ve had enough. Everyone have a price and there’s not enough of us to be able to soak more player drop off.

Now this is not doom of course. Some changes are minor and measured. But the most drastic one with armor changes is not going to work out quite the way people think. We’ve experienced this before and armor up was the reaction.

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