There will be BUDDIES!!!!

Buddy week is upon us. This is the second time Turbine experiments with group up type XP (last time was a weekend) and to me it was an astounding success.

I hear people wistfully thinking that ‘if we only add a few more thumbscrews it might force people to buddy up again’. Because, you know – nothing says – lets be friends and play the game – like being forced to do it because soloing is evil and need to be combated.

I hyperbole of course – but it does make me laugh when people think that making things worse for regular players will make grouping all that more palatable through increased pain. Yeah, that’s how things work – if grouping is seem like the lesser of two evil people might just not play at all (or something else instead). Which is a more likely scenario than ‘lets stay together’ ’cause the dental drill to my fun gets better if we hold hand.

To me the grouping event was a nice driver to strive to group up and many times waiting for a full group since that also increases the XP value. I don’t mind grouping up at all, but with a smaller player community there’s also less chance that people play the stuff you want to accomplish or willing to put up instead of just doing it with their closest friends or guildies.

The last buddy weekend had me play with many different groups and there was a lot of LFMs up for a diverse amount of content.

And I think having a week like this extends the sample group. Maybe they can simply make this type of thing permanent. Altho from experience the effect of things like these tend to flatten out over time.

But anyways – buddy week it is. Looking forward to EE content for maximum effect so I can take some of my guys (particularly my Arti) to 28 again. Arti is increasingly dreadful to level past say 24-25. The diminished return from the enhancements and the lack of synergy with destinies makes it feel grindy against increasingly high HP targets. Outside knives eternal (best rune arm in my book) everything else gets dreadful.

So grouping up and spreading the pain works just fine to me. They get buffs, I add some rogue features and a smidgen DPS. And we can haul arse all the way to the end.

In would also want to redo my one Warlock into a sorc. I was planning on doing it anyways (emptying that TR cache is a pain however) since having 2 Warlocks are a little excessive. I like sorc and I liked how a pure Air Savant plays and the spell it uses. I also like Earth Savant, but it’s hard to argue against chain lighting and its like.

My former Earth Savant, also Warlock will remain Warlock until Turbine nerf it to oblivion. They’re already on their way. Granted, most of it is because of the prolific use of ES, but seriously. Once you get out of the ES burst bangers regular Warlocks are not all that impressive. The crit damage is below what I experienced as a Shiradi Sorc and the only real benefit is the low resource usage. The procatastic nature and speed of fire of a good Shiradi caster far outpaces the slow firing and often inaccurate Warlock.

So buddies, here I come. With my Arti for sure, and maybe my Warlock. We’ll see.


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