Hug a dummy weekend!

So the Buddy XP event have now expanded from one weekend to one week and it’s a great thing to see. Not only is it demonstrably a success in just how many LFMs goes out of their way to fill up a group, but it’s a great incentive to forgo the ‘hmm not running my thing’ to actually maybe even advertise your own LFM or jump on something you wouldn’t normally do in the train of things you do.

Like me jumping on the Wheelon chain eventho I normally save that for maybe 26 (now 25) or 27.

But that’s the allure of a smartly crafted bonus meant to entice people to get together. The raid one however is not as interesting. Partly because a Raid XP weekend lacks the same appeal as regular grouping. How many group up to raid for XP? Not many – my idea of a raid bonus would more be expanded chance to pull raid items, or maybe a bonus for running raids. It could be say 1/2/3 percent higher chance per difficulty setting to pull  named items/shard/seal etc. Provided you’re talking full group. Or maybe a increase dependent on how many are in the raid. The more people the higher the chance. That could naturally be done in fractions of an increase not to make the chance too high.

It could also be an increase for everything worthwhile in a raid chest. Once per day per raid, with a higher amount of say heroic comms, higher chance for named loot etc. The point is to entice people to run these raids for the reasons people do it – if it boils down to XP I’m afraid only the ones normally running raids would do it and it wouldn’t really increase the amount of people running raids.


leaves of the forest

BTW, am I the only one that think Leaves of the Forest medium armor looks silly? The docent version actually looks nice. This is definitely not my favorite one.

This weekend I decided to level up Ulgord my experimental hybrid tank. It was originally very pure Fighter Vanguard and did well as such. Back in the MOTU days it was a pure tank build (before the release of the Vanguard) and it was with mixed results. Particularly since as Turbine kept on releasing higher and higher end quests, it was clear that whatever tiny amount of healing you could get on a heavy armor melee (cocoon) wasn’t enough to offset the grievous amount of magic damage. Once armor up happened and the release of Vanguard I was eager to take advantage of the new features.

I’ve since done some other things with it including now running as a Warlock/fighter hybrid, taking advantage of bursts and Aura as well as trying to use tactical feats.

First – tactical feats are a waste (by large) on Warlock hybrids. Particularly improved trip since it requires such a steep investment. Stunning Shield is fine of course – relatively low investment and it uses the best stat (in this case Charisma since I’m using a purple knight). However anything else is more or less wasted.  Now, with the re-balancing and nerfs Warlock is quickly becoming a tedious pay 2 play class with lower damage output and clearly less of a DPS prospect. That combined with no MRR on armor. While there are a few good medium armor, such as this one and Shadowmail (perfect for a caster type melee) it’s not enough to compensate for the lower PRR and no MRR, not for my liking anyways.

So I’m going back to pure fighter vanguard and I’m going to invest in 2-3 of the Armor feats and 2 at least for tactical feat.

That would make stunning blow, stunning shield and improved trip useful again and the PRR and MRR somewhat competent again. It’s not perfect – but it does allow me to go back using the better armor, shields and such. So as soon as I hit 28 again I’ll be iconic reincarnate to purple knight and remain pure.

I must say – the buddy xp stuff is a nice boost and it’s almost fun running with mostly competent players. And not to put a bad spin on things – at best you zip through most content without issue and worst you end up in groups where every nook and cranny need to be explored (and some quests are long and you’ll end up wasting xp potions on flower sniffing). However there’s no denying in the success of the event. More LFMs across the spectrum and almost full groups every time.


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