The Many Faces of…

I like the Event. Moreso than any others before it. I think I made that pretty clear in my last post so there’s no reason to rehash anything. But primarily I think because unlike Crystal Cover I don’t have to depend on hirelings to perform their minimal function while I place torches and such or that the group I’m in enters at the right level without some highlevel person ruining everything before it’s too late to fix.

Plus unlike previous events this does not rely on complicated schemes for material or unlocking function. Get a key, do a challenge. Done.

But one thing that I didn’t cover last time is what class might be the best to use. In the featured Image is my Vanguard straight fighter tank. Now level 22 I think and just a hair from being able to use the Bsword from the MOTU Raid. I did make a cosmetic out of that armor (clearly not the one meant for a level 19 when the image was taken) and the hood – that one is from the event. It makes an excellent cosmetic for that setup. I definately want to get the spinaltap for cosmetic and mirror that shield – from U28. That combo makes for an excellent setup for that toon.

Anyways; as vanguard goes it’s not entirely ideal for the event. Everything is undead so while trip and stunning shield works, stunning blow won’t (unless you’re smacking shadarkai’s in the public area).

Plus the DPS isn’t the best for these type of events. Maybe in the highest level but not at level 19-22 even with a good unlocked destiny.

In previous years I’ve recommended divines and even Arti’s. Arti with the animus (or similar like the glass cannon) and a good repeater is still pretty nice. But on the higher level even with a good pumped Arti those tactical detonations and such seems not all to effective.

Divines definitely are. But high end divines comes with the negative of high resource use in order to get the most bang for the bucks, so this year since Warlock is out, I’ve been running alot of that. And it’s pretty nice.

I know – people don’t like the easy button playing, but Warlocks works nice in these events for several reasons – least of all because they got superior DPS – that’s not true at all.

First and foremost. Bursts. A good warlock running ES will have access to 2 okay bursts and either twisting in energy burst or running Draconic adds more burst options. Here most of the Warlock centric elements work just fine. Such as fire, sonic and acid. Plus if you also run ES you’ll have an okay amount of Light on top of that.

That’s not to say you can run a good Sorc and do an impressive amount of damage, but some undead are immune to specific elements (like cold and electric, not all but some) and therefor makes the choice of savant element that much more important – and possibly painful dependent on gear.

With Warlock you’ll have cheap main attacks in the average damage range such as bursts and possible blasts. But if you combine these with some more useful destinies it gets even better.

I like Draconic for acid or fire. Excellent destiny adding a breath, cortex and energy burst to the mix that goes well with the Warlocks pew, pew and possible ES bursts.

I also like Exalted Angel. It might not have a good synergy with your pact element but it does with ES adding not only light damage but also several nice SLAs. True, this is a more SP thirsty destiny due to the SLAs, but you still get good bang for your bucks.

Of course we should forget Paladin on the melee side. All melee will do just fine in the event but Paladins add a nice barrage of undead killing power – making them uniquely adapted for some undead bashing fun.

Note – I prefer Warlock for public area killing. The different bursts allows you to quickly dispatch mobs to get as much out of say a Draught or for that matter grouping.

For the challenges anything will work fine, since there will be smaller mobs and they’re generally not that long. Any which way you seldom have enough space to fully exploit ranged advantage so you’ll end up in close combat often enough.


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