Welcome to Falloutlicious and Craftbigbangers

Fallout 4 is here. And while I’d love to be the guy who played Fallout 4 from the midnight launch till the wee hours and went to work with a 12 O’Clock Shadow, morning skunk mouth of coffee, mouthwash and peppermint gum, I’m’ too old for that shit’ or rather, my boss boss is visiting today.

I could conjure up le old ‘I’m so damn sick today’ but I’m already taking tomorrow off.

I did spend the early morning hour doing the intro. Which is figuring out looks, watch the early stuff and see ‘my’ son get kidnapped by a scruffy looking guy and ‘my’ wife shot. Then there was the bit about walking around scrounging the innards of the rusted out vault, pick up stuff and go ‘hmm, looks interesting’, smack some rad roaches and get the hell out of there.

Then the regular bit about covering the eyes because not having seen the sun in forever tend to do that. And of course realize that the cute 50’s looking suburban area with blushing fall trees, new houses in a row was nothing but a sun bleached wilderness and the gutted remains of the old civilization. With overturned rusted out cars and trucks and the skeletal remains of whomever got caught in the blast whenever the bomb went off.

Unlike other games in the series you’re not just a vault dweller that spent several hundreds of years in the underground. You’re not like the previous one (Fallout 3) where you began as a toddler in the vault, grew up and leave looking for your dad.

No in this vault they cryogenically freeze you and you only wake up once to see the scene of your buy getting taken from you and your wife killed. I have my suspicions that since you go back into sleep that boy is now grown up or something like that.

Anyways – I will still dip my toe in the waters of DDO just to do a raid or two, but for now I’m taking a longer break until Lam opens up – checking that out – and then until U29 drops. Plainly speaking DDO is wearing thin and Fallout 4 is an excellent excuse to immerse myself in the wastelands again.

To think I’ve played every single Fallout since the first excellent Wastelands. Every one – from the first, to tactics to the remake of Wastelands. I’ve played – AND – loved it all. So my post from now on will be mostly about Fallout 4 until Lam and u29.


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