Monthly Archives: January 2016


This is my first post in a while. Mostly because the Christmas season and me taking a break from writing. Not in my head tho (sure, that didn’t sound psycho at all) – but I’ve been thinking a lot about gaming in average and DDO in particular.

As we straddle the hamster wheel it dawned on me that I really don’t know why; so much of my gaming – at least until DDO, World of Tanks, Defiance etc was about the journey. A singular defined experience where you take what was a lifetime of experience and compressed it within a scope of a gaming experience.

The journey. The first stumbling steps, the growth of character and the end. Like a bright light in the end of the tunnel. Except MMOs and the like aren’t bright lights – they’re a circular tempest of time and grind and goals. Goals that once you almost get there turns fluid and evaporates, conforms, take shape – like a carrot just outside reach until it turns into mist again.

I compare that to my recent experience with Fallout 4 and Mad Max – and in there I see the end. And I fear it. Because with the end comes a climax. Sometimes satisfying and other times not. But that’s it. Other than doing the same again you can never feel the same again. Sorta like doing that quest once than years later everything is familiar and routine. You’re like a trained monkey going through the motions.

It’s 2016.

My next post will be my thoughts about 2015 and update 29. I’ve thought a lot about it. Minced it over. Figured I’d give it a shot at trying to squeeze the essence of the good and the bad and give my take. I owe myself that much. Not in a conceded sort of way – but to really ponder if the road just didn’t hit an end. Or a fork. Or maybe just rolled out another red carpet of endless hamster wheeling.

I’m not trying to be poetic. I’m just trying to stay sane.

I can say this tho – I started playing again since update 29 dropped. I took a few hours of break here and there playing Fallout 4 (some more) and Mad Max. And I’d like to write up a comparison of these two despotic visions of a broken future. Because they are similar in a way – not mechanically of course – but a take on what lays ahead of us (in the alternative). One where the beasts mutate and take form and the other where humans turn into beasts.

But that’s later. For now – a redux to 2015 and a review of the year that was and the blunders and good thing update 29 brought us. And hopefully we’re going to see soon what the next chapter in DDO have in store for us.