Monthly Archives: February 2016

Waiting and Raidin’

This weekend is no different than any other. If I’m not playing DDO I’m usually playing something else.

But so far and since it’s +2 Loot weekend, I’ve been playing lots of raids on many toons.┬áMy hope was to pull something truly awesome, but that hasn’t materialized yet. Like those ones with 3 abilities. Or 2 really good.


A few of these went well; others went – I think the word is – sideways. Or – we did it but at great pain. Such as this LE shroud run. Just imagine how often we died. At part 2 every single item except my cloak was broken. And when I mean broken I mean couldn’t even equip it broken. Yet we finished.

Othertimes – such as 2 borked LE Hound runs we got to about 40% HP left on the Hound before everything collapsed. Heck – I even joined a group that failed EN Defiler.

And I got very little to show for it. Random loot or named. But I keep trying.