Long time no Blog

I admit that I sometimes feel supremely motivated. And other times not. The slump in my blogging on the subject of DDO (or anything else) have been pretty extensive from around the release of Fallout 4 (with a few blogs in between) until now.

But I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging stuff that I’m doing – as well as a long thought about review of 2015, update 29 and now update 30.

I thought about adding a picture of my Gnome Wizard as I TR’d my human Warlock for some additional past life spell pen (those Kobolds in Legendary Shroud, geez) but then a move of all things DDO happened. Today.

But let me just add this – I’m not going to stay Gnome wizard. I like my Warlock. I look forward to 3 past life Iconic Gnome with additional Illusion DC and acid spell power however. And the Wizard spell pen.

I might have to finish 3 Favored Souls after this as well (possibly Morninglord) just to eek out that additional Spell pen. I’m done with all 3 sorc, done a few other things as well. So at least 2 more Wiz, 3 Favored Soul and possibly some Druid for summons.

I’ve never had the drive to go for ‘completionists’. Sure I toyed with it. But never wanted to do it. Seemed to much of a job to me rather than entertainment and fun.

But the new upper level legendary have convinced me that you still need that little extra in order to do the things you do efficiently.

Is Gnome okay? Here’s the short – yes it is. It’s not Bladeforged good – but good for what you want it to be. More about that another time. When I can add pictures and stuff.


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