A Gnome blew off the Mountain

I did an Epic reincarnation and thought to myself – I never did Carnival in the first run, so why not do the Epic one this time in honor of the fact that the 10th Anniversary is in house of P and the event takes place in Party Crashers? So I took my then level 21 Gnome into the excellent quest looking for a Giant – a giant that’ll have you please Water spirits, crush Earth and kill Fire and then finally rescue Air.

And then finally escort the Giant to the end.

I hit 22 by doing this one (having done 2 others) so I could meet Malicia for the first time and ‘kill’ her just to end up dealing with her in Update 27 and now in the event.

The thing about ‘experience’ is really a question about muscle memory and knowing the ins and out of any quest. For most part almost all runs will go just as it always do. We as players might make small changes in the way we do things, but most of those are incremental improvements in what seems like standard fair, business as usual.

There might be some random blips – champions or that roll of 1 in that moment where you shouldn’t – but for most part if we conquered something a dozen times it won’t exactly change much in the next dozen.

Unless you got one of those things where one tiny event changes the course of something so expected.

Like this run – when I was about to finish the air spirit part and ‘it’ touched my guy when there was still 1 enemy left (and it’s considered hostile) and I flew off the mountain, prone on my back and sailed over the terrain like a lost leaf in the wind.

This quest is big. The map is seldom very helpful in giving you a good indication of direction and once you’re off the beaten path it can be disorienting at first. Not to mention precarious since there will be plenty of ‘stuff’ out there ready to tear you a new one. That’s generally not too hard if you’re doing EH and you have a good build.

It gets hairier however when you’re running on fumes (SP) because you’re doing that ‘lets stretch the SP’ thing. In those cases having a little bit of melodrama in what seemed like your average run 10 seconds ago gets ‘interesting’. Unless you’re ready to waste a new potions to fill up that blue bar again.

Luckily; unlike other times, I landed fairly close to the canyon and I didn’t have to run aimlessly into one ambush after another of spiders, wolfs and orange Earth golems before I was back on track.

But for a minute there mundane become out of the ordinary. And that can be very fun.


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