The new Reaper mode – Lag

For 2 days in a row now I’ve joined groups and left disgusted. Yesterday it was Von 1-4 with death in every single quest. I quit after Von3 – I just couldn’t stand another under performing lag death fest. In all my years I have never died so many times in a row or in several quests like that.

Today it was EGH. I was out after Famine. I couldn’t do anything good anyways. Level 23, clearly under leveled for the stuff anyways, but I couldn’t even do a neg level and kill. Most because lag constantly destroyed it. Overnight the raid scene have died and I no longer want to join regular groups. I have little tolerance for this stuff and I certainly don’t find it worthwhile to waste my few hours I have on staring through the haze at my soulstone. This is what happened when I played Defiance a few year back. The lag got so terrible that you would waste 30 minutes working up to a raid moment and then lag out just to find you getting screwed half way through the end fight.

As such I quit it for the longest time and only sporadically comes back.

What Turbine have on their hand is a monumental problem. Lag have been a thorn in their side in specific raids. And now it’s in everything other than solo. And that is simply unacceptable.


3 thoughts on “The new Reaper mode – Lag

  1. ddomicki

    I haven’t experienced that much lag myself, but it might be because I’ve been mainly soloing the last couple of weeks. I hear from others, though, that lag has gotten a lot worse with the data center move.


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