Not Epic Elite worthy

Again, I don’t build stuff to beat Epic Elite. Not at first and not now really. Maybe down the line when I have completionist or whatever – but it’s not something I intentionally work for.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t underbuild to not be able to perform – but I never intentionally multi class to be uber either. My aim is not to be the best of best. Only good and have fun.

The fact that a level 23  can’t be a CC god in level 26 content doesn’t bother me. Maybe it should. Maybe I should switch to exalted Angel and go max. Maybe.

Or maybe I should just enjoy my game, get the whole wiz things over and go back to the build I really like?

yesterday didn’t bother me – what bothered me was that I could get stuff done. Not that I didn’t lead the kill count. But that the lag was so so severe at times that I cycled through spells and had no feed back. And once I saw an enemy barrel down on my gnome, it was almost too late. Know that the hobgobling or whatever had already killed me, as 10 seconds flew by with me stuck and shuddering and the ding came and it was over and done with.

I tried something else solo afterwards on Hard and it worked better. But there was a lag delay, like a half a second between the click and the registration that was frustrating. Especially when you have stuff in your face and it felt like the response was delayed and as the critter circled around you, you kept firing something just to waste it as out of line of sight.

The mechanics of the game can be bad sometimes. Stumble across a low grade in the terrain and break the casting. Therefore most people jump and cast. Fire upward and the shots hits whatever the enemy stands on, as if all spells and such fire at the feet and not center.

If someone is close you sometimes missfire – eventho you are quickened. Trying to set off a blade barrier is sometimes a pain as even with quickening it doesn’t register if you stub your toe on the ground, something happens etc. The system is finicky enough – and with the lag delays it seems to mess with the response, causing spells to not registering.


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