In the land of the Blue Tentacles

The ironic part of mostly soloing is that once that is the only functional option; you notice and miss not soloing. Such as join a group to romp through EE stuff or do the usual weekend raids.

One way to break through the mold of boring questing is to try something else. I like raids. I rather jump on a raid than hitting another level – because reincarnating becomes tedious. And quickly. Particularly if you’re not exactly ‘digging’ a build and you’re doing it for ulterior motives such as past lives etc.

And such I bomb through EGH from level 23 to 24 and then other content moving onto 25. Once I hit 25 I was sorta fed up.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how pathing and agro is completely borked now. Critters will run off bridges, fall off edges and other nonsensical things or you can find an entire group agroing through walls in droves standing there running into the wall, eventho you weren’t even nearby. Whatever have happened the actual area of detection is either enormous and whatever script that kept creatures for taking the shortest path to you is broken.

I can see where there are a few scenarios where that can break the quest, but so far it’s just annoying as some half death falls into a lake or pool and then snaps back at full health.

So far the insta killing stuff is working – you really need the dual SLAs because the chance seems to be firmly around 50-60 percent and with the odd failure to spell pen. Making slapping PF a question of using 2 to kill some creatures.

It’s not ideal; but one way of doing the best with what you have. And once I hit 30 it’s time to do another iconic. Just to add a little incremental to the bottom line.


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