Hitting 30, I turned around and started prepping for another Iconic Deep Gnome Wiz. This was mostly me starting to groom my inventory (I would so love at least one more personal and 1 back inventory slot) to trim down and empty the reincarnation cache.

It’s always a painful, long and arduous experience for me.

And when I couldn’t fit everything I had to unlock another bank slot plus 2 inventory by running some low level stuff.

Having already experienced Deep Gnome twice I’m now working on ensuring I practice some of those experiences. Such as keep a tight ship. If you have an idea what made things work last time – build on it and sharpen the stick.

I ran almost all quests including Epic. So I have a fresh idea what works and what not. PF works – but it needs more dedication. And when it doesn’t work – you need a back up plan.

I call my build a Phantasmal Dualists. Meaning a six shooter type PF killer.

  1. Color Spray works for most part. Keep it solid. It’s an excellent way to blind creatures at the least and stop them dead in their tracks at the most.
  2. Phantasmal force works on everything living except puddings and the like (and construct types)
  3. Broadly speaking Evocation, Enchantment and Illusion will cover most important scenarios in the quests.
  4. I invest Intelligence, Constitution and Wisdom. Int and Con at Max and the rest on Wisdom.
  5. Invest in Spot and Search. Search is int based and you can easily pop into the 60-80s by the time you’re level 30. Enough to find most traps and such.
  6. Detect traps. Level 1 Divine spell and scroll. Buy a stack of it. When rogues can’t find something, you can. Hunter’s Spyglass is terrific here. It adds search and spot. It’s either a simple switch over or perma gear early on.
  7. Each past life of Deep gnome gives +1 Illusion DC and +5 Acid Spell Power – it is perhaps the singular most powerful Iconic past life for casters.
  8. As a Deep Gnome there’s a host of different insta killing spells in play. 2 cheap PF (SLA), FoD, Circle of Death, Powerword Kill and Wail of the Banshee

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