PK to my PF

So I keep calling Phantasmal KILLER Phantasmal Force. Now don’t my top hat look bright red.

I must say tho – PK works beautifully for what it’s intended to do. In general I presume that as I slowly improve on the features boosting the PK – it’ll also increase in performance compared to prior experiences. It’s true that you can only get so much out of something – there’s a limit to the DC, the spell pen and everything else – but even minor improvements if you’re hitting 50-60 percent means another 10 percent point above that.

And that in turn means that instead of using 2 PK to blow up things, maybe 1.5. Point being, it’s not the ultimate weapon – the trade off being a limitation or focus – less DPS focus and more insta kill focus. That’ll come to blows when you deal with say things that can’t be hurt by PK, but for everything that can, it’ll work dutifully.

I’ve also started using circle of death more. It was never something on my mind before. But the spells ability to either hit someone with neg levels or outright kill it but in an AOE capacity is nice. It’s not quite WotB but it is ranged. And surprisingly effective at softening up a group of critters.

One way to do it on the cheap; hit a group with Color Spray and then drop a circle of death on them. It works. Follow up with some DPS spells for anyone that survives.

As long as the lag don’t kill you – there’s a chance that a Gnomes arsenal will prevail.


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