10th Year anniversary, 2015 and such in retrospect

I’m not going to lie. It didn’t take long for this event to get soiled and because of the mess I haven’t really gotten into the spirit of grinding it. I did pick up the named item for most of my guys, but as far as grinding mats – not exactly dogmatic.

I understand that ‘the move’ was probably already set in stone. Like many of the releases so far. Such as the bungled u29 and the other ones prior to that like the marred Temple of Elemental Evil.

But it’s still a pretty impressive schedule if you look at the productive updating of the game. 1 new thing per quarter.

2015 was like that; lost of promises of great things, questionable execution, impressive ambitions, but ultimately stumbling across the board.

From ToEE and what first like like a premier experience just to feel like endless creature confrontations.

To Raids such as DOJ and now Legendary Shroud. DOJ being marred by terrible lag (before it was common place) and Legendary Shroud plauged by not only a rollback due to a bugged new random item system but also with many broken features due to lack of serious polish.

What can we expect from an aging game with a smaller community? Personally – we’re blessed with so much content and sort of delusional about what to expect from a group of Devs working so hard to give us much needed fresh content.

I want to be excited for DDO. I love the game. But the real problem in my honest opinion isn’t the snafus and the problems; it is that as DDO shrinks and the Devs work with the resources we have, we get increasingly unbalanced content that really isn’t all that fun.

Creeping death is terrible. Not because it has a small jumping game, a small puzzle game and some pipe jumping and endless corridors that are trapped. Normally that would be the boring part of me. But it’s refreshingly devoid of endless mobs of super kobolds and trite arcane oozes. I can’t tell you how terrible that is. You can guess what I feel, but it’s hard to describe the feeling other than chewing on a tough piece of bland meat.

Cursing the Sky is only slightly better. It’s a little less of the same, altho you will fight hordes of devils, orthons and Abashai in each turn. They’re just not so unreasonably silly in SR (Kobolds) and immunities and DR (like arcane oozes). Again, evident of lack of serious polish.

And there’s nothing wrong with the look of the dungeons. Not even Creeping Death. However as Turbine struggle with making content, they also lose the entire big picture. All content after ToEE have been without wilderness areas and with direct teleports to the quests themselves. And that’s fine. I personally like teleports there. But there’s something about the context of an experience that gets lost as we lose the big picture around it.

There’s nothing wrong with the items either. Some really terrific heroic and Epic/Legendary gear. But it feels like all context is gone. The big experience. That feel of fantasy that I always get each time I run through Kings forest.

Heck, even that of Shavarath – running the old level 19 stuff. A whole wilderness connecting several quests. And for the Legendary experience we get a direct teleport into something, without the connection to it.

Again – I understand why. Lack of resources.

But with it, we also lose that ‘great’ feeling. A feeling of connection. Context. High fantasy and adventure. What I feel instead is a quick port into a run for ‘stuff’. And that is why I feel less for the content of 2o15, despite some of them being well designed dungeons, than much of the prior content. Lets see if 2016 can change all that once we get an handle on crippling lag.



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