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Update 31 – Now on Lammania – spolier warning!

It’s that time of year again with new changes and new content as per the release notes.

There are currently only 2 of the 3 quests up for review and as far as I can tell they’re not completely done. Particularly ‘Search and Rescue’.

Both quests are fairly lengthy and both comes in heroic and Epic flavor. For the heroic version it seems to be different levels and I’m not entirely sure if that’s true with the Epic stuff as well. 1 of the quests – based out of Harbor using the same quest as missing. That’s the one you end up fighting a chaos beholder running around pretending to be a warforged. The entire quest have been used as far as I can tell with some slight modifications. And this time you’re entering it after you cleansed it from the squid face creations and now it’s a bazaar for merchants.

You will end up pretty much checking out the entire area for the 3 items you need and there are also 2 red named options – one being a Umber Hulk.

And speaking of Umber Hulks – you will encounter plenty of them in Search and Rescue, a quest that seems to have been created from scratch. Now this one I really like because it feels like a Dungeons and Dragons quest. It’s long, it includes several milieus and most of all optional quests.

You start out in a canyon, romps through some kind of tempe – end up in a cave system and can even do an option thing (not completed) in underdark. All in all, several diverse environments. And it ends with a nice little fight as well against an iconic D&D monster.

I haven’t had the chance to check out Kensei, but from I can tell they’re making it more a solid DPS tactical warrior will lots of good reasons to multiclass.


Finally not sick

I took April 1 off (no joke). It was also the first day of me getting sick. And as it usually goes it didn’t approve. Anytime quickly. By Monday I felt awful, Tuesday was terrible and then I was a puddle by Wednesday. Thursday I felt somewhat better and went back to work – just to get a sinus infection right after a bad cold and decided to be off Friday.

Then steadily got much better over the weekend and by Sunday I was finally at level 30 with my then Gnome Archmage wiz – and now a level 1 wiz/14 Arti. It’ll be 1/19 by the time I’m done.

My goal is to finish off the 3 Gnome past lives for +3 DC in Ill. I’m already done with the 3 wiz past lives (did 1 before Gnome came out a long time ago). I’m going to miss the PK dualist and might have to revisit him with a different toon.

My new arti isn’t bad but then arti in heroic is pretty enjoyable. Altho he might not have all the good repeaters, there are plenty of okay light ones throughout the process.

I did make one GS repeater tho – a Li II one so I could take advantage of the Gnome light weapon line.

I owe SexyDeamon/SexyDemon (or something like that on Argo) great thanks for giving me the last 2 large glowing arrowheads so I could complete tier 3. What a terrific player. It’s like I’ve said in the past; DDO have some of the best communities.

I’m currently using the greater force rune arm from the gold store and the level 15 (normal) Corrupted Nature. That works nicely with the many items I have that provide boosts to both acid and impulse. Such as the cannith challenge boots. Or a ring with impulse. Or sages braces for kinetic lore etc. And also the glaciation clothing from the cannith challenge. It’s not directly useful for the purpose of spell power (not exactly a boost to arti spell requirements) but it does have lesser freezing ice that provides a chance to freeze something solid even with ranged weapons.

I did experience some horrific lag during some solo runs Sunday so I didn’t get to do much, but it’s nice once more to be able to do traps and such without relying on hirelings.

Speaking of light repeaters. There are currently some great choices outside heroic greensteel. Such as Double crossbow out of Web of Chaos.Either the BTA one (level 16) or the Epic (level 20). There’s also. Epic Hellfire out of Chronosphere. The doublecrossbow is as far as I can tell superior to the much aged Hellfire. But it might be a question of not having the items to create one (in this case I do believe I have both).

You also have Slaver’s Hand Crossbow (21). That one should be readily available on the AH – If not I’m sure most have some in their bank. And if not it shouldn’t be hard to get as an chain end reward.

Needle is of course the best light crossbow for its level (23). It’s out of MotU raid – a raid that no longer runs. You could get it out of the 10th year anniversary give away so if you (unlike I) were planning your future reincarnations and whatnot you would also have that one in your bank. Alas I don’t. Which is unfortunate since it’s such a great┬árepeater.

And finally – if you have enough materials there’s always at least a tier 2 thunderforged (level 26). That would keep you from 15 to 30 without issue.