A new life

I hit 30 Saturday, turned around and reincarnated to a Warlock human life – did some Khortos Island quests and ate an Otto’s rock and hit 18. Then spent a few hours Sunday doing all Vale quests for the 20th.

I’m back to Warlock after 3 lives with 2 Gnome Wiz and one Gnome Arti. That finishes off my 3 Wiz lives and 1 Arti (for 3 Iconic Gnome). All in all more spell pen and +3 illusion DC with +15 Acid Spell power.

My hope is a more robust upper level spell pen if not I’m hitting FvS for 3 lives just to eek out more of it. At some point however it’s either do or bust because there’s nothing worse than playing upper level arcane without accomplishing much.

I must say that the Iconic Gnome Wiz was a pleasant experience. It’s hard to argue against dual PKs and the second time around it was even better.

And despite not having the best rune arm or best repeater, the Arti Gnome was pretty darn good. I had the grace of good BTA gear and such and even with a light repeater and the Gnomes light weapon specialist, it worked out quite nicely. So much so that I definitely going to reinc one of my Arti’s (my human) that have plenty of rune arms and repeaters. Even the good one; needle.

It’s odd to be back in Warlock but it’s familiar territory and now I even have a good PK for Epic Hard. I never used it before. But with 2 FOD (one SLA and one spell), one PK, one Devour the soul, One Power Word Kill, Circle of Death and WOB, there are plenty of insta killing features in his arsenal.

And of course a host of cheap average and SP free main attacks with a few other CC stuff such as tentacles and Web. I’d love a dancing ball, but then I have to try a different pact and I’m good with the acid one. Particularly since I have so many acid based items already.

I debated for a while if I would do another iconic and spare my Otto’s. I’d do a Purple Knight and was ready to blow away the one fighter level just to go pure (I like devour the soul so I don’t mind going pure).  That would be perfect if I wanted to do some ES just for melee/caster combo. But I sorta wanted to use one of the new hair cuts and facial hears that both Gnome and Human gets.

I hope all races gets that treatment. New facial stuff just to diverse even more.


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