Regarding 3.0

If nothing else, your article just demonstrated that there is no longer need to search for level 15 random loot. Level 15 is the first point in random loot you can get +8

This is a comment in last blog post that I felt required some additional discussion and it’s not entirely wrong – but there is a point to be made.

First, level 15 random loot and in many cases pre Shadowfell named items were made pointless by the second expansion pack.

With it both chains granted (on heroic) items with +8 attributes, by no less than completing the quests and in the end reward lists. So no grind needed at all. This was also past onto random loot 3.0 and further developed and expanded in random loot 4.0 (current system). So Shadowfell wasn’t just the great ghost bane’ing or for that matter the many incarnations of deadly of accuracy – it was also a big step away from the generally accepted attribute convention that existed all the way up until Epic GH. With one single release all prior +6 attributes were overshadowed by the named sage, skirmish and the like items.

And it’s not entirely true that +8 is for level 15 only and not on random/named items. You can find ‘better’ stuff on random at that level if you get that extremely lucky roll – so people should definitely not give up on opening those loot chests.

However crafting 3.0 simply promises a base standard.

Such as this one.

ML 15 con

As you notice I have since my last post managed to add a few better extra slots. In this case insightful constitution. This would be an Arti’s/Warlock’s dream. Adding both a bucketful of constitution and Impulse.

ML 20 con

And at level 20 you can make this. Notice that as con goes it’s only +1 more to both the regular and the insightful attribute. That’s not bad. But you can still find other items with similar and better values and lower ML (altho this is an old random loot item with 2 augment slots – try finding that now). Like the item my Arti is wearing now – a ML 19 with insightful con +4. True, the prefix and suffix are not that good, but then rings are those great and easy to gear slots (now).

And at ML 25 the con goes to +11 – certainly not unique at that level and at 30 +13 (see below).

ML 30 con 13

I’ve personally found items with +16 (most likely level 35+ on the loot table).

ML 34 con 15

And speaking of level 34. Crafting allows you to do so called power levels. This is considered the max according to crafting; level 34, ML 30. As you can see this is easily found on high level loot today. However the argument is as always to make items with good combinations like the above. And in this case using an old saved loot items when they dropped with 2 augments. Would this fetch a good penny if you can make it as unbound? I’m sure. This particular ring would fetch a premium since it would require a lot of resources to make. And with a limited supply of saved 2 augment slotted items from the old system; I can guarantee that you won’t find a big supply of them.

So in short. Crafting allows for good solid ML 15 items (perfect for iconic items) but I feel it’ll only ‘push’ out some basic Shadowfell sage, guarding etc items. Save some; the necklace for example provide +4 Evocation and the best you can craft is a +3. On the other hand you can add insightful +2, so here’s the chance to combine things and make for better standard.

If anything; instead of limiting things to specific core items, named or otherwise, crafting expands the choices in an excellent way.

Thank you for leaving a comment and allowing me to discuss this further.





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