U32, a change to Cannith challenge gear

This falls into the category of good, bad. As I mentioned in my last rant is that pre MotU rune arms with crafting potential are now changing to be fully craftable with a ML set to what the rune arms drop as and where you as a crafter can now add prefix, suffix and extra slot. While the rune arm lose some features the core effects remain.

But there was another system that shared the same crafting potential – Cannith challenge gear. Once you upgraded an item to tier 3, it added some crafting levels. But it also made the item BTC.

As noted in the Lammania #3 release notes, they have now been key’d to the current system of setting the power level according to ML and gone are the crafting levels.

Take these old rock boots.

old tier 3 rock boots

Back in the days (and still to an extent) these were some really awesome boots. Not just for the effect such as 2 guard effects and immunity to slippery surfaces but also for the acid lore and spell power. At the time (and level 15) very competitive caster gear. Plus also the only gear with matching lore and spell power outside sticks and staffs.

And at tier 3 as you can see it also added craftable levels, enough to say add feather falling. It is true that this could increase the ML and you could offset it slightly with a masterful shard (lower the ML by 1) but if you kept it to simple recipes like feather falling you kept the ML about the same anyways.

With u32 this will change. Instead of going the way of the rune arm with craftable levels, they’re now removing that option and keying it to the new power system.

As you can see from the attached images the acid lore and corrosion corresponds more to regular items (lower lore but higher spell power). And as you see from the tier 3 they’re now adding a green augment slot instead.

I believe the craftable levels are a display error or something that will be fixed; the idea is to make the items more like crystal cove and less like old time rune arms.

(Note – tier 2 adds nothing. So it’s essentially a waste of materials. You are paying for a tier 2 to get to tier 3 without any benefit what so ever – other than making a BTA tier 1, BTC).

That won’t change the items you got now. If you’re happy with your current rock boots I assume it’ll remain the same with the latest update (as you can see above – all images take from Lammania).

Personally I don’t think this is worth it. The power difference is marginal (which goes to show you how awesome this gear was back in the day) and tier 3 require spending lots of mats just to make a BTC item.

One of the reasons I stopped making tier 3 items were just that; marginal use of the craftable system as more and more items had augment slots (you want feather falling? Try ML 4 feather falling augment). That marginalized the few good recipes for that low crafting potential (+3). And it was mental drain as well since grinding mats just to make a BTC item is a drag. Now a days I only make tier 1 (BTA) challenge gear (altho I must say it doesn’t happen often since hirelings are derp and therefor cannot defend areas while you run challenges).

And there are plenty of good named items around the same ML – all of whom have augment slots and all of whom are BTA so to me it’s not worth making new items just for an incremental increase in some stats and BTC for an augment slot.

My suggestion; keep what you have, make only tier 1 going forward if you need something and rely on the excellent heroic named gear that is already out and bound to be released going forward.

Without a solid crafting system such as with rune arms, the challenge gear is ‘regular’ at best and without any improvements in hireling behavior, the nauseating runs aren’t worth it.

It’s a pity; it’s not bad that Turbine spent some time to update Cannith Challenge to be more similar to what it is today – but since they kept the BTC status it simply is not worth the effort. Not for a single augment slot. And not for items what similar power levels to what they are today and for the amount of time you have to spend just to upgrade a worthless tier (2) to get a tier 3 augment slot.



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