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Going back to PK Dualist

There are currently 2 things going on that I like to do ‘more often’ than not. Grinding slavers for mats – easily done on my Vanguard or Warlock – or doing EE solo DQ raids on my Vanguard.

There are reasons for this; like working on a set for the slavers. 3 total items to craft (so a bazillion years) and 2 of the named ones. THEN doing the same for melee.

I don’t know how I’ll keep my sanity, but I’ll worry about that later.

Then there’s my Vanguard doing solo the solo raid. My aim is to hit 20 and hopefully pick up some shards on the way. I never did manage to unlock ring of spellstoring. But I’d love too. But there’s also the item that gives you mass DW. So there are still items from the old Epic level 20 line up that can be useful.

I also want a torc. Perfect for adding a few hundred SP for my Vanguard. Not as a permanent add on, but a switch in, get smacked a little then switch back. I might write up something about those runs – but I’m sure I’m not unique in being able to run that raid on EE.

But I do want to go back to PK dualist. I liked it and I think it’s time to get my sorc to 30, then IR to deep gnome.

Weekend Runnin’

This weekend was no different from the previous in that I ran mainly on my Warlock and Vanguard. First and foremost as many legendary shrouds, but also slavers and whatever assorted stuff popping up.

I even had the opportunity to run on my barbarian as they needed more melee for a shroud run.

I wanted to run as many high end quests as possible, such as legendary at Elite, so I could pull a bunch of good stuff from the chests. I was going for that rare, good item. This is the one opportunity you have to pull something better than what you can craft. Such as the Necromancy +7 of insightful +4 that I pulled.

Or the many +7 insightful stat items I managed to find or that Triple 6 one, 6 illusion, 6 spell pen and +6 insightful Intelligence.

Altho the last one you can actually create yourself. Definitely not items with +7 focus. I also managed to put together my first slavers item – at least with 3 permutations, out of 4. now all I need is a few hundred more of one type and I can add a focus. I really anguished over where to put this item since I had to rearrange all the items for a few reason.

First – I pulled Spinneret.


It’s an excellent ring for spell lore and spell pen and such. That and in combination with the orb from the same quest chain forms the foundation of the future set bonus I have in mind.


Both adds stacking Spell Focus Mastery, both other then that, they both complement each others fairly well. The orb adds stacking enchantment and spell pen and I get spell lore and regular spell pen from the ring.


This allowed me to replace my crafted spell pen goggles (+6) with the necromancy goggles I pulled.

Necromancy is a very significant part of my Warlocks repertoire. Basically he got 4 different focus to contend with. Necromancy and Evocation for a majority of features, conjuration for the occasional web and enchantment for the hold monster. Combine this with a Spell focus Mastery head piece and the main features are well covered.

Second, this required me to re-arrange certain features. In particular my trust HH ring. I really didn’t want to, but if I wanted to start moving pieces around and fit in the spinneret and such, I also needed to remove the defiler bracer that adds lots of acid boost and find other slots for that.

So I started with crafting one additional piece to the slavers set.


The quality charisma allowed me to stop using the gloves out Good intentions. Those are excellent gloves, but I only used them for the charisma. The resonance part isn’t all that useful outside Shiradi casting (at least for a warlock that’s not Fey based).

I also added charisma – allowing me to remove a charisma necklace with +16. That allowed me to put pack the necklace from defiler and add some sonic damage on proc.

I know that sounds counter productive; add sonic damage on proc but remove the gloves with lore and resonance. As you can see above however I added a resonance augment to the orb and the spinneret offers the spell lore for crits. In reality the proc itself is 100 to 200 sonic damage on hit so keeping the gloves just for that portion didn’t make sense.

Next I crafted a pair of gloves.


This one covers the acid spell lore I lost by removing the defiler bracers. Above the shackles adds acid lore. This also allowed me to add heal amp and insightful impulse. Above the orb adds quality spell lore. And the earthen cloak adds 185 impulse spell lore (and +7 evocation).

That’s 309 added impulse spell power for a total of 556

spell-critsThe high acid spell lore comes from the stacking entity of Legendary green steel and any other regular item (such as the gloves).

Since there is no legendary GS force based item it’s a little bit less, but still fairly high due to the 3 other properties. Light is the next ‘big’ item that is boosted currently by a ring and it’s for ‘utterdark’ damage. This is somewhat confusion, since utterdark is considered ‘evil’ damage and dots like stricken is considered ‘chaotic’ damage but all of that is boosted by radiance.

Sonic is the 4th highest part due to the augment and only because of the necklace with sonic proc damage. As far as lore and crits. Acid is the highest due to slavers item. Force will get back up there when I create another slavers item. The rest gets their boost from spell lore and enhancements.

Spell critical multiplier comes from 2 sources; Warlock enhancement and a green steel item for acid. I wish I could do the same for impulse but no such item yet.

I also made this ring.


As I mentioned earlier I added a ring with radiance for boosting evil and chaotic damage. I added force lore as well since that is my main spell power (for piercing and force based damage). That will later on be replaced with a slavers item that adds kinetic lore. I haven’t crafted an extra slot yet since I’m not entirely sure what I want yet. I’m thinking insightful charisma so I can redo my legendary GS stick but at the same time I’m probably not even going to keep it. (possible slavers slot).

It is also possible that I will make it a radiance only item with added charisma, so it feels like I’d waste mats if I added insightful to it, just to have to change it again.

In any case, it seems that I managed to put together a fairly good bunch of items for most of that toons needs.


Things to come

The producers letter makes clear that there are exciting things yet to come. Much of it sliding into 2017, but nonetheless encouraging.

How about 3 possible races? Kobold or Dragonborn and thiefling and something else? That’s a lot of stuff right there. Makes sense that the other 2 comes in a possible expansion and to me it sounds like the expansion itself will be Ravenloft. I don’t know much about it, but it sounds like a delightful thing to drop around Halloween 2017 but most likely as the last quarter offering.

Other interesting things are Deist feats and quest hub. I’ve always wanted something like that. A way to get to the area you’re playing more than spending a lot of time running around. And it helps people breaking into the game. Because the interface of quests and where the patron are is more then confusing and vague.

But in the near future I see lot of runnin’ to do.

DDO Bonus Days bring you a Treasure Hunter’s Weekend with a +10 Treasure Hunter’s Bonus and +2 Loot, starting on Thursday and running through September 25th!


Well played Turbine, well played. You know I can’t refuse the shiny. And with my geared up Vanguard I might just break myself free from slaver LE runs and do some solo runs somewhere to see if I can’t just pull that rare random one.

The debate

I’m currently debating with myself on how to best finish my Warlock gear set – particularly to take Slavers in account (5 piece set). It’s easy enough when you consider the named items such as Legendary Mutilator of Minds and Legendary Spinneret – those are excellent editions to the overall build. Or for that matter a legendary stick of greensteel (what kind is still largely a debate but I have ideas) and a greensteel items boosting acid crit multiplier.

That leaves a lot of other slots to be filled.

It naturally boils down to a philosophy of where I’m going with my Warlock moreso than just mindless boosting of certain features (easy enough).

I’ve tried all sort of variants – from the ES temp HP burst version to a melee warlock hybrid (on another toon) and now a more cc/insta kill/high dps version. A version I like the best.

That requires fewer spells (considering just how few spells the Warlocks have, that’s not exactly hard to achieve) but a more active use of specialties. What I mean is that it’s easy enough to view Warlocks (and all other classes) as one trick ponies. A sorta pew pew mill with a few insta kill thrown in for good measure. I play mine as part of a triple play. CC via hold monster or Glacian Wrath or Web or Black Tentacles. Those are choices worthy of your basic Wiz. If you think of it you’ll notice that Wiz usually cycle through a few select spells themselves – often disco ball, web and hold. Where as Warlocks have fewer options and often limited by pact, it’s still 4 choices of some form of hold or crowd control.

The second part is the dps – where as pew pew remains the staple via either cone shaped attack (shorter range) or chain there are also other ways to add more damage. Such as energy burst (acid) as AOE and Soul Eater Eldritch Wave.  All of these options offer varied form of high to average DPS – pew pew being in the range of a few hundred in damage to 1k crits (both piercing and acid) and both energy burst and wave clocking in with 1.5-15k crits (from wave to burst).

And since Glacial Wrath and Eldritch wave have moderately short cool downs you can usually be ready to fire again against the next mob. This is very much true with slavers (mob rich). The only caveat is that cone attacks in DDO are sort of wonky. There seems to be a blind spot somewhere (try using the cone pew pew and you’ll notice that you will miss entirely in dead center).

But that is why it’s nice to have the backup of tentacles, hold monster and web. All 3 things that can naturally snag up monsters.

Or for the single creature that escapes all that CC – devour the soul (favorite insta kill since it works even on undead), 2 FoDs (one SLA), phantasmal Killer (seldom used, just don’t have that much illusion boost) and 2 insta killing AOEs – circle of death and the wail. Some open up with this; such as tentacles and wail. Over and over. And it is a lot easier. I prefer to cycle through my options to preserve SP for when things goes south. Less shrining and less time spent rebuffing. And less 1 trick pony’ing.

To that end I’m now using a few pivotal gear for that purpose; a crafted Spell focus Mastery helmet (5). The earthen cloak for evocation and impulse power. A force lore ring for crits. The ring from HH for boosting utterdark and also adding light damage to each pew pew (good when using chain), the bracers from Defiler that adds all things acid lore and spell power. The Epic Abbott trinket for stacking ability points. A random necklace with Charisma 16. The gloves from Good intentions (adding quality Charisma primarily). Legendary greensteel boots to add acid spell crit multiplier. A greensteel stick that adds acid spell power (stacks with the bracers), insightful charisma and some more stacking acid spell power. That one procs some acid or lightning damage now and then. The orb out of slavers. Insightful spell pen. Crafted goggles adding concentration, spell pen and insightful spell pen (it was useful until I pulled the Orb). And finally a belt adding Con and insightful con. And when I have the mats I’ll also add False Life.

What will change is that I need to fit in 3 crafted slavers items. What goes on them are less controversial as to where I put them.

I will most likely move the greensteel item ability to the goggle slot. Once I pull the spinneret, I don’t really need them. That’ll free the boots slot for possible crafted slavers. I do want to keep the HH ring and put back the Defiler Necklace. Both adds additional sonic and light damage to each pew pew. Given the somewhat lower damage by pew pew compared to the burst damage of Savants and Shiradi casting, it’s nice to add a little more. I’m still debating that.

Anyways – I’m still got some thinking to do. I’m clear about the purpose, just not how I can best boost and support it given the multitude of choices.

A Busy DDO weekend

I must say this; Cannith crafting 3.0 is a boon to me at least and all my alts. I do miss some flexibility in items, but I’m quite happy about being able to put together BTA times for most of my many alts that are staple for specific slots. Like spell lore and power rings, HP belts (like Constitution of False life with extra insightful Con), Helmets with wizardry and spell focus mastery and bracers with strength.

All in all I’ve managed to make many different diverse items fulfilling certain weaknesses in original gear setup. Such as adding sheltering and insightful sheltering (insightful separates it into Magical and Physical, so you end up having to add it to 2 different items – perfect for rings) to toons that generally have little.

Sticks are fairly diverse as well. I have not had to make any named melee or ranged items yet since there are so many named, but sticks is a different game entirely – such as my sorc and his magnetism of insightful magnetism stick. Adding gobs of Spell power around his enhancement tree with a force lore of impulse ring as backup.

Along side of course a ML 20 belt with constitution, false life and insightful constitution.

On the slavers side I’ve run it almost daily. Either LH on my own or LE with groups. Last night was no difference but instead of running my vanguard (now with triple pos greensteel weapon adding temp 1k HP every minute), I ran my Warlock with a strange group with less melee DPS and more ranged.

The end battle turned out to be a challenge in that respect and it looked grim at times, but thanks to some twitch play and self healing and kiting we got it and profited.


On the first day of Slavers, Cannith crafting gave to me….

I am now in possession of 3 new crafted items (Cannith, not against the slavelords), I ran Slavers (what I call it, so sue me) once with an awesome group on LE but the second part ended up bugged and I also ran 3 Elite Cannith quests for the patron reward and Mark of Cannith mats.


I feel a mini rant coming on, but I will keep it short. The grind for mats is stupid. Largely because Turbine decided to add it but not enough of it. Some quests got new dispensers (such as newer ones) and for most part it’s ‘okay’. But large places that would be ideal for a lot of it, got barely anything. Like ToEE. Massive place to explore, piddly amount of dispensers. In fact you’ll have to check half of part 1 top for 3 (that is 3) where as you can do one Devil’s detail quest in the harbor for a quick 2.

Stupid. Very, very stupid. And mobs don’t drop bags. I don’t know if they didn’t have time to add it or made the drops as low as scrolls drop in old epic but even dumber. I’ll be honest with you. I bought crates in the store. Lots of them. That is how I got enought to craft 3 because the game forced me to farm level 15 quests for mats and I ended getting so fed up and mad that it was that or I just left the game for a week.

But I won’t do that anymore.

Making it into tiers and not adding bags to quests like ToEE is a huge mistake. It really makes the entire experience awful. But having to run low end quests for mats to craft a level 30 items just feel….wrong. Stupid. Moronic. I really should be running high end content and loving it. Not level 15 over and over and over for dumb material.

Nothing about this feels organic to what I like to do.

As you can see however the items are nice. I managed to make what I wanted until I can find better named items to replace them. This made my vanguard a snap better, adding 200 HPs easy overall and bumped str from 56 to 67. Not bad at all.


Slavers (get over it, that is what I call it)

Slavers is a hit and miss. I like the content and will do a better writeup but there’s one thing hanging over it; mats for crafting the named items. Absurd amount needed for the piddly amount you get.

Several things; first off it’s long. Do all 3 quests and the minimum time will be between 45 minutes to an hour per part. You need to do all 3 parts do get the end reward and a pick of more mats.

Each chest you find can have 2-5 (average 3) on hard and 7-12 (average 8 it seems) on Elite. That’s 3 hours of getting something like 10-15 on hard with a chance for 20 more as end reward. That’s 15 or so runs, 40 hours a week for ONE effect of 5 (adding augment slot to the mix), 6 if you count also making it a set bonus.

3 items for small set bonus, 5 for large. Most will go with large. One set, running 40 hours a week will take months. Maybe 3-4 on hard slightly less on elite. Put your running shoes on and forget about doing anything else.


I did get to familiarize myself with Cannith Manufacturer again tho. I love the place. I do. Interesting and smartly done quests. All with quirks. Terrible dungeon and pre raids. Awful. A truly hit and miss. You have to run the entire dungeon to unlock elevator to get to raids. You have to essentially run pre raids to run the raids. Add those two facts together and coordination becomes a mess and the entire thing a time consuming bore. The raids are good – they should have just kept them as raids. Or allow people to run pre raids and flagging quests and then the raid from that point forward.

I did it so I could unlock enough favor to get the mark, but it was unlike the farm runs of mats very nice. Time well spent.

My Vanguard

As you can see from the items above, I know have a fairly well equipped vanguard. I still need to add the third tier to the triple pos greensteel, but I got almost everything else I want (I’m not 100 on the goggles yet – there are plenty of good goggles but I am strongly thinking about maybe a crafted one).

Without detailing every single gear, as you can see the stats are okay (on the melee side) and the 60% doublestrike with 107 melee power more then enough.





This weekend in runnin’

I did add some of my travails the other day – which sounded more like butthurt whining over not being selected for an LE run, but in reality I found it somewhat laughable.

Maybe sooner or later someone will tell me that I don’t have enough HP on one of my toons – something I read and heard years ago.

Anyways – I did have some really interesting runs. I ran Defiler on Elite for the chance of pulling the helmet with melee power (or something else) and after a fairly smooth run (a few deaths on elite? I’ll take it) someone pulled the helmet and put it up for roll. Safe to say I won it and another for the strength based boots.

The only sad part is that melee power does not stack. (I should have known better) so I still have a better ring – the one out of Good intentions. I mean it got not only more melee power than a raid item at the same ML but also deadly 14. That’s a little hard to beat.

Which made me take a look at the strange spectrum of items covering 26-30. Where we have named items like ML 29 from the flagging quests for Legendary Shroud with ‘worse’ stats than F2P ML 28 items. Fair to say – the devs are not entirely clear about the whole effective power of named items yet.

And now soon we will have BTA slavers items – crafted and named that’ll be similarly powerful. Making all loot in the same spectrum seem a little off kilter.

But that’s not to say I was as successful in everything I ran. I’m still unable to pull legendary large glowing arrows (or whatever) from legendary shroud.

I had to trade me one, but I’m still not pulling them myself. They’re more or less the legendary version of heroic large devil scales.

I’m building up quite the glut of small and mediums and lots of large stones, but less so with everything else. My hope is to do a triple good for my vanguard (for that extra 1000 temp HP), some type of slow down repeater for my gnome Arti and go straight acid with my Warlock.

As I see it, once slavers hit I’m going for the orb and a greensteel stick for my Warlock. Stacking acid damage or something like con op or possible neg level or slow down feature. It really seems like the most efficient way of being a Warlock. I currently want to remove the tier 2 insightful Charisma +7 since you can easily craft that as overlevel with Cannith Crafting. I feel that is a much better use of a stick. Plus I want to replace the tier 3 with +2 Exceptional at one point so I can max out Charisma.

My Arti need a better repeater. I feel that some type of slow down repeater would be a worthwhile choice if I’m going to do repeat grinding of slavers and such.

And a triple pos adds to the survivability of my Vanguard. I’ve already messed around enough with his setup. By doing a few more destinies I have now unlocked Sense Weakness as tier 4 twist and 30% more damage when I stun opponents. It’s damn effective.

I do some simple runs in ToEE now adays, LH for now just to check out different build options. I’ve tried FOTW with twisted consecrated ground and while the single burst damage is nice it seems more labor intense and not worth it for mob slaying. However really good on that single red named or something.

I tried blitzing. It’s pretty good overall DPS. Crits easily slide up to 2k and above. I do like crusader tho. It’s great self healing. Every critter you slay you get about 80-90 HP. Add to that Scion of the Shadowfell and vampirism on hit. It’s not the best legendary feat for my vanguard, but it does add a hefty source of incoming healing – 2 -14 HP per hit. With 58% doublestrike and lots of shield bash, it makes it very possible to heal through most damage, except heavy burst hits. And that is why I want that temp 1k HP. Between the self healing and the temp 1k, I should be able to survive just fine.

Of course there are other ways to increase all of that as well. Raw constitution – I’m still not maxed out through items. I’ll do that with a slaver crafted item, such as bracers with Con (17), resistance (14), Stunning (17) and Quality Con 4. That would be a perfect con belt. Add to that the named trinket with +8 insightful con and another slavers item with false life 68 and you have lots of extra HP.

I will most likely do the Might set Bonus over the Endurance. Having more DPS is always better than a smidge mitigation. I know, this might be a bad choice, but it feels like there will be plenty of mitigation anyways and a lot of temp HP and such to soak up damage with and dps might just be as much of a key to survival than just incremental mitigation.

We’ll see, it’ll be a while before I get to that point.

However I clearly want this helmet. It adds all the seeker I need including more stacking combat mastery and relentless fury.

And this full plate. I currently get the same ability points from the Epic Abbot trinket, but I want to get Legendary Symbol of the Slave Lords instead. And it’s possible I’ll even go for the legendary ring of powers. Combining that with the ring from Good intentions and I got those slots covered for deadly, melee power, melee alacrity and quality strength.

With 4 named items covered in the set I only need to craft 1, such as the bracers above. Which is going to be a lot less intense for the melee guy compared to my Warlock and the 3 items I’m crafting to combine with the 2 named items I like for him.

All in all I like the fact that it’ll take less time to do the melee setup than the caster one.





You lost me with your elitist nonsense

Over the year I’ve played all sort of quests and raids. With all type of groups. Before we had all the top gear. And there was times when I had to link beaters and tell people about my build.

Twice now today I had to link my beater and also tell people what ED and whatnot. Because you know, DPS.

The first time I got in, doing an EE defiler and we did just fine. I died twice, both in egregious lag blobs,

In the LE shroud I didn’t. Apparently 1600 ave crits using a bastard sword with 60 doublestrike wasn’t good enough. Granted, this is just a guy that can mass stun without issue (just as I did in defiler). They come out of portal, mass stun and then a couple of cleaves later they’re mince meat.

People who say that average 1600 crit is low because they play exploiter barb builds sorta makes me sad. Because while they soak up stuff with temp hit points, they’re not good without the assorted sorcs, warlocks and Wiz doing all the CC and insta killing.

I do wonder however if it’s not the type of people who always bitch about ‘challenge’ in the forums because they built themselves a one trick pony.

That’s alright. I did just fine in Defiler. Where some started complaining about all the spawns coming in and backstabbing the bursting warlocks, I came in, took agro and mass stunned them and a little later they were gone.

I get that people want quality for smooth runs. But it’s a little bit more than face rolling with barbarians if you don’t have good support.

This will most likely be the first time in years I’ve had the opportunity to use squelch.

Hitting 30

I’m trying to get as many of my guys to 30, just to have a good selection to draw from. I already got my second Arti (the crafter) to 30 and it was great when I finally could start using the bee shootin’ rune arm. I love that thing. It’s hard to argue against such a monumentally terrific rune arm and combining that with some terrific chack-chack-chack repeater play goes a long way.

And he’s not entirely incompetent with tactical detonations either. I was thinking about using some of the runes to get him one of those sage armor for insightful Focus, but then I noticed the rune arm had all the insightful evocation he’d need.

So thunderforged it stays. And adding those goggles from the latest f2p with Quality +4 helps. All in all with random and later on crafted I won’t really have to mess around with him much.

I still want that ring from good intentions with ranged power. Just because. I’m greedy, I know.

Then I worked a little on an old vanguard of mine – he started out as a Purple Knight, then IR’d as a 2 Pally/18 Fighter vanguard Bladeforged.

The point was to take advantage of the feat fighter feats that add PRR and tactical DC. It’s a mixed back. The 2 Pally is just there to get some saves. I just didn’t want to waste a +1 heart to blow it away. So I did what I could with it. But I realize it’s a mixed bag since my pure Fighter vanguard is far better because of the cap stone (DPS is a little bit weak on vanguards compared to cleavers but you can make that up by adding the capstone for some nice additional doublestrike).

The bottom line is that I have a self healing pallyfighter with a lot of tactical feats and such but still somewhat weak due to lack of gear.So I have to work on that.

It’s not a bad toon per say; just slightly under geared.

How to make the ultimate caster combo

We all know that lore, plus spell power plus DC and spell pen makes a caster.

The more the merrier.

And we also only have so many gear slots.

Ultimately you want to max out your preferred spell power. That’s easy for warlocks and savants; both specializing on a set of spell powers.

It’s harder for shiradi caster types and Wizards that generally try to be as potent as possible for a wider spell selection. Not just power wise but also for DC.

To help people puzzle together the mosaic of gear needed Turbine have released a lot of features both crafting and straight named item from level 26 and forward, towards that final push at level cap.

This all depends also in large on whether you play robot or fleshie. Both finding similar items to use with some differences when it comes to armor. But in general the same items outside armor provides a similar assortment of choices that can max out its use.

So lets talk about lore and spell power first. That is the brick and mortar foundation of the damage. Some of it will of course depend on breaking DR, at least in it’s foundation casting is broken into support (not needing any explanation in this post), CC, insta killing and dps. CC and insta killing depends many times on caster type and heavily on DC and spell pen.

Less so for DPS unless we’re talking about AOE types and even some ray.

There are currently an assortment of sticks, armor and other items that provide a wealth of lore and spell power. Everything from augments to items themselves – both stacking and not. Naturally it can be gear heavy to try to fit everything so the best solution would be to combine as much of that as possible into fewer items. 2 sticks over more flexibility but 1 staff offers more power; that is the general trade off.

There are 2 general items to talk about here; first specific spell power and lore, such as acid. That has the greatest potential of boosting specific powers beyond the more universal items (gear that work with all lore and power). This is your natural main power item. And there are plenty to chose from in many diverse gear slot.

However ideal would be to find a powerful universal spell power and lore item and right now there exist only a few ones that matches your average specific one.

For lore we have the necklace out of Epic Abbot called Epic Noxious Embers. It’s not an overly powerful item but it is the strongest spell lore item in the game right now. You can craft over level 13 at 30 or you can find an assortment of random items with it, but I do believe this is the best you can find right now.

The step behind it is Spinneret (ring) -that adds among other good things like quality spell focus II, spell lore 15 at level 28.

The good thing about this one is that it can be included in the slavers set bonus (more later).

Those 2 items in them selves are still sub par when it comes to lore specific items. But also out of slavers is the slave masters staff that boost most elemental powers and lore and adds insightful evocation and conjuration on top of that. Staffs as you might now also gets a bonus for being staffs.

So now you have most lore and spell power covered except impulse (either augment or maybe even ring or such) and resonance and the divine based ones.

Or you can add the circles out of update 31 that adds 211 ‘universal’ spell power. Note, it’s not universal per say which stacks with anything – that type is generally enhancement features out of your enhancement tree. But using the term universal I mean it covers every spell power (in other words potency).

You will be hard pressed to find items with more than that.

So with that and the spell lore necklace or ring you now have 2 items covering everything you need.

But what if you want the lore to be more competent and make it possible to skip adding a lot more items?

Then there’s the orb out of ToEE.Golden Orb of Death is a ML 26 Orb that includes energy siphon (so temporary spell points), all around passive elemental absorption 20 and insightful spell lore. The only item right now with it.

That means your combination of the necklace and this orb gives you 22 in spell lore and that is very competitive to most items out there.

Or you can combine it with the ring for 20, which is still very nice. That allows you to fit something else in as necklace. That ring is after all pretty darn good.

So now, with only 3 items you have covered most your spell power and lore needs and also added some other good benefits.

And for stick you can consider legendary green steel. Such as con op for proccing 100 temp SP that provides tier 2 insightful 8 Int or maybe some other combo for insightful Charisma. Or maybe a thunderforged item to cover impulse and spell pen?

This gives you plenty of open slots for everything else. Like the defiler necklace that adds sounding – sonic damage per spell. Not the best item for all the other feature but terrific for warlocks for that additional damage.

Or another slot open for slavers set item or any of the other named items that has dropped so far that adds a lot of good features for casters.

For slaver crafting you can now add a ring, belt, boots necklace, bracers and trinket. Unless you like to use the slavers named trinket with insightful 8 con for a boost in HP. Or simply the trinket out of Epic abbot, Litany of the Dead. That’s +2 profane bonus to all stats.

Or if you’re robot, the slavers docent (executioner’s docent) with +2 profane bonus to all abilities. Not as great for all the other caster features but just for that bonus.

If you look at slavers crafting for those open spots you can add 17 to an ability as prefix, spell lore (27) or spell power (185) for suffix, spell pen 7 or focus 7 for extra and Quality attribute (such as int or char) for second extra.

Then add enough named items or crafted slavers items (5) for the set bonus and add +2 artifact bonus to int/char/wis, 10 artifact bonus to spell power and +4 artifact bonus to spell focus.

That’s a lot of good stuff.

If you’re a fleshie there’s always the sage armor out of legendary Tempest spine or hound. Among others +3 insightful spell focus mastery.

Now it’s true that you can craft or get better focus specific insightful items. Like the staff of the slaver’s master with +4 evocation etc but that would be for the spell type you use the most (for CC it’s something like enchantment and conjuration and for most dps evocation etc).

So to sum it up.

  • Spell power: Slavers items (specific) or caster sticks, the circlet with 211 potency
  • Lore: Slavers staff, sticks and slavers items (specific) or something like the necklace, the ring and combined with the orb out of ToEE
  • Ability: Slavers items for 17, profane from either slavers docent or trinket out of Abbot, insightful from crafted, random or green steel stick (and some named items), quality from slavers items and other named items and artifact from the slavers set bonus. Include either exceptional augment or the +2 tier 3 on Epic green steel).Max you’re looking at 17+8+4+2+2+2=35.
  • DC: DC specific stick or slavers item. insightful from random or crafted or named gear. Quality from the slavers ring. Artifact from set bonus. (let me know if there’s a profane out there somewhere)
  • Spell Pen: Thunder forged stick or slavers crafted. Insightful from crafted, random or named items.


As you can see – if you want to be able to fit all the goodies on one guy, it is possible provided that you combine some feature (such as potency and spell lore for most of your dps needs) so you can fit maximum amount of crafted and named items for slavers to ensure the best ability, spell pen and dc. Then fill out the stacking pieces to ensure the strongest most well rounded cover possible.