The art of utility and useful.

I’m not sure that word will trend anytime soon, but I have often thought of what makes a good item not only indispensable but also the perfect tool. Up until recently there were no items that filled a perfect void. There were almost items – or like in the case of some rune arms for arties with built in lore and spell power – a significant well roundness. It’s the one item where you don’t need additional gear and you envision whomever made that rune arm going; dang – why didn’t I think about this sooner.

The new crafting system, combined with older rune arms have the promise of tailoring tools to the needs of the user. Of course that’s true with any class – but having a fundamental source of power for Arti’s being able to be shaped into something incredibly more useful isn’t bad at all.

Take Glorious Obscenity and Compare it to Corruption of Nature.

glorious obsen


Both are level 17 (Well, the elite version is).  Same imbue but it seems Glorious Obscenity has better charge tier altho more negatives.

CoN doesn’t. GoN is more useful since it includes potency and Corrossion while GO is more of a utility with a negative on concentration.

Both as it seems, is a mixed bag. A little bit more power with one, but CoN only require a supplement of lore and not Spell Power. Altho as spell power goes, that’s a little under par even for when this was first released; Cannith Challenge gear offer 90 at ML 15. And Lore and why I created a few for my casters and Arti’s.

Going back to the Utibility idea; with the new crafting it’ll be very easy to create a ring with lore and spell power. Something you can use on any caster in the future (BTA). So it’s not important to put lore and spell power on the rune arm (like here)

new crafted obscenity

You can use something as great as the circlet out of the new F2P that’ll give you all the spell power you need, but you still need lore. So obviously a combined item, such as ring or whatever you can put acid spell power on would be nice. On this crafted one you have lore, spell power AND insightful spell power (extra slot).

But it is possible to go the rout of better utibility.

Such as Evocation (prefix) with insightful evocation (suffix) and insightful search/spot (extra). Or Acid Lore, the Pansophic Circlet for spell power, insightful evocation in combination with a necklace that adds evocation (The sage comes to mind) and insightful search/spot to boost chance to locate traps?

When you keep all your gear in mind the rune arm can be the central hub to connect several items together. Sometimes it’s just the straight boost of the actual rune arm (lore and spell power) and sometimes it’s to strengthen existing items and abilities.

My ideal early level setup for iconic?

Great Acid and Force rune arm from the store ML 13

Both with Lore for their respective power, insightful evocation and insightful search.

Pansophic circlet for all spell power needs. You’re talking 104 universal spell power (potency). Yes I know, it’s not universal spell power per say, but more spell power that boost all elements. It also adds magic efficiency 5%

And if I run as a gnome I’ll use Paramensial Lenses. I like that color ray thingy. And adding quality Int isn’t all that bad either.

It’ll be a toss between Mystical Cloak or Earthen Mantle. I probably go with Mystical for the MMR and heal amp since I don’t really need impulse spell power. But evocation 4 is nice too have. Altho there are no shortage of evocation stuff at 15 (combining items however is always nice).

But there’s also a question about a good source of int. Since there are no ‘must have’ trinkets at 15 a good Int of Spell lore with extra slot of insightful Int.

That would provide all the Int I need, spell lore for any other spell I might use other than acid (potency covers spell power need) and who can argue against insightful Int stacking with the goggles quality int?

And adding a Impulse Lore ring of Constition with insightful constitution takes care of all HP and impulse need since it’s always good to boost all the major Arti spell power needs.

So what’s for the rest?

You could think about fitting in the Devil’s Handiwork set. This leaves you bracers, one ring, boots and necklace open. And if you want to ensure maximum use of the set (5) you could do both rings and make a con belt instead and switch between the Cannith Challenge belt for disable and open locks and HP when you brawl.

So what about spot? Good question. If you’re going with the Devil’s Handiwork the full set gives you +1 quality to all abilities which makes the lenses somewhat redundant. So there’s an opportunity for a search of Spot with insightful say seeker.

And for gloves you can do a dexterity of armor piercing/deadly with insightful accuracy. Doubleshot you can get off of the Dynamistic Quiver.

There you go. A full utability setup.

Personally I like Black Dragon armor for outfit. But there are plenty of others to work with that complement your needs. And if you want too, make your own with a blue augment and fit a heavy fort augment (or in any of the many green or blue augments slots).

Like Twilight of Healing Amp (stacks with Mystical cloak) and insightful light (or whatever) resistance).

And if you don’t have a weapon – ranged alacrity (or elemental damage effect) of piercing effect with constitutional damage effect.

Light repeater. There’s your Gnome Arti. Now go forth and slay.


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