How to make the ultimate caster combo

We all know that lore, plus spell power plus DC and spell pen makes a caster.

The more the merrier.

And we also only have so many gear slots.

Ultimately you want to max out your preferred spell power. That’s easy for warlocks and savants; both specializing on a set of spell powers.

It’s harder for shiradi caster types and Wizards that generally try to be as potent as possible for a wider spell selection. Not just power wise but also for DC.

To help people puzzle together the mosaic of gear needed Turbine have released a lot of features both crafting and straight named item from level 26 and forward, towards that final push at level cap.

This all depends also in large on whether you play robot or fleshie. Both finding similar items to use with some differences when it comes to armor. But in general the same items outside armor provides a similar assortment of choices that can max out its use.

So lets talk about lore and spell power first. That is the brick and mortar foundation of the damage. Some of it will of course depend on breaking DR, at least in it’s foundation casting is broken into support (not needing any explanation in this post), CC, insta killing and dps. CC and insta killing depends many times on caster type and heavily on DC and spell pen.

Less so for DPS unless we’re talking about AOE types and even some ray.

There are currently an assortment of sticks, armor and other items that provide a wealth of lore and spell power. Everything from augments to items themselves – both stacking and not. Naturally it can be gear heavy to try to fit everything so the best solution would be to combine as much of that as possible into fewer items. 2 sticks over more flexibility but 1 staff offers more power; that is the general trade off.

There are 2 general items to talk about here; first specific spell power and lore, such as acid. That has the greatest potential of boosting specific powers beyond the more universal items (gear that work with all lore and power). This is your natural main power item. And there are plenty to chose from in many diverse gear slot.

However ideal would be to find a powerful universal spell power and lore item and right now there exist only a few ones that matches your average specific one.

For lore we have the necklace out of Epic Abbot called Epic Noxious Embers. It’s not an overly powerful item but it is the strongest spell lore item in the game right now. You can craft over level 13 at 30 or you can find an assortment of random items with it, but I do believe this is the best you can find right now.

The step behind it is Spinneret (ring) -that adds among other good things like quality spell focus II, spell lore 15 at level 28.

The good thing about this one is that it can be included in the slavers set bonus (more later).

Those 2 items in them selves are still sub par when it comes to lore specific items. But also out of slavers is the slave masters staff that boost most elemental powers and lore and adds insightful evocation and conjuration on top of that. Staffs as you might now also gets a bonus for being staffs.

So now you have most lore and spell power covered except impulse (either augment or maybe even ring or such) and resonance and the divine based ones.

Or you can add the circles out of update 31 that adds 211 ‘universal’ spell power. Note, it’s not universal per say which stacks with anything – that type is generally enhancement features out of your enhancement tree. But using the term universal I mean it covers every spell power (in other words potency).

You will be hard pressed to find items with more than that.

So with that and the spell lore necklace or ring you now have 2 items covering everything you need.

But what if you want the lore to be more competent and make it possible to skip adding a lot more items?

Then there’s the orb out of ToEE.Golden Orb of Death is a ML 26 Orb that includes energy siphon (so temporary spell points), all around passive elemental absorption 20 and insightful spell lore. The only item right now with it.

That means your combination of the necklace and this orb gives you 22 in spell lore and that is very competitive to most items out there.

Or you can combine it with the ring for 20, which is still very nice. That allows you to fit something else in as necklace. That ring is after all pretty darn good.

So now, with only 3 items you have covered most your spell power and lore needs and also added some other good benefits.

And for stick you can consider legendary green steel. Such as con op for proccing 100 temp SP that provides tier 2 insightful 8 Int or maybe some other combo for insightful Charisma. Or maybe a thunderforged item to cover impulse and spell pen?

This gives you plenty of open slots for everything else. Like the defiler necklace that adds sounding – sonic damage per spell. Not the best item for all the other feature but terrific for warlocks for that additional damage.

Or another slot open for slavers set item or any of the other named items that has dropped so far that adds a lot of good features for casters.

For slaver crafting you can now add a ring, belt, boots necklace, bracers and trinket. Unless you like to use the slavers named trinket with insightful 8 con for a boost in HP. Or simply the trinket out of Epic abbot, Litany of the Dead. That’s +2 profane bonus to all stats.

Or if you’re robot, the slavers docent (executioner’s docent) with +2 profane bonus to all abilities. Not as great for all the other caster features but just for that bonus.

If you look at slavers crafting for those open spots you can add 17 to an ability as prefix, spell lore (27) or spell power (185) for suffix, spell pen 7 or focus 7 for extra and Quality attribute (such as int or char) for second extra.

Then add enough named items or crafted slavers items (5) for the set bonus and add +2 artifact bonus to int/char/wis, 10 artifact bonus to spell power and +4 artifact bonus to spell focus.

That’s a lot of good stuff.

If you’re a fleshie there’s always the sage armor out of legendary Tempest spine or hound. Among others +3 insightful spell focus mastery.

Now it’s true that you can craft or get better focus specific insightful items. Like the staff of the slaver’s master with +4 evocation etc but that would be for the spell type you use the most (for CC it’s something like enchantment and conjuration and for most dps evocation etc).

So to sum it up.

  • Spell power: Slavers items (specific) or caster sticks, the circlet with 211 potency
  • Lore: Slavers staff, sticks and slavers items (specific) or something like the necklace, the ring and combined with the orb out of ToEE
  • Ability: Slavers items for 17, profane from either slavers docent or trinket out of Abbot, insightful from crafted, random or green steel stick (and some named items), quality from slavers items and other named items and artifact from the slavers set bonus. Include either exceptional augment or the +2 tier 3 on Epic green steel).Max you’re looking at 17+8+4+2+2+2=35.
  • DC: DC specific stick or slavers item. insightful from random or crafted or named gear. Quality from the slavers ring. Artifact from set bonus. (let me know if there’s a profane out there somewhere)
  • Spell Pen: Thunder forged stick or slavers crafted. Insightful from crafted, random or named items.


As you can see – if you want to be able to fit all the goodies on one guy, it is possible provided that you combine some feature (such as potency and spell lore for most of your dps needs) so you can fit maximum amount of crafted and named items for slavers to ensure the best ability, spell pen and dc. Then fill out the stacking pieces to ensure the strongest most well rounded cover possible.





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