Hitting 30

I’m trying to get as many of my guys to 30, just to have a good selection to draw from. I already got my second Arti (the crafter) to 30 and it was great when I finally could start using the bee shootin’ rune arm. I love that thing. It’s hard to argue against such a monumentally terrific rune arm and combining that with some terrific chack-chack-chack repeater play goes a long way.

And he’s not entirely incompetent with tactical detonations either. I was thinking about using some of the runes to get him one of those sage armor for insightful Focus, but then I noticed the rune arm had all the insightful evocation he’d need.

So thunderforged it stays. And adding those goggles from the latest f2p with Quality +4 helps. All in all with random and later on crafted I won’t really have to mess around with him much.

I still want that ring from good intentions with ranged power. Just because. I’m greedy, I know.

Then I worked a little on an old vanguard of mine – he started out as a Purple Knight, then IR’d as a 2 Pally/18 Fighter vanguard Bladeforged.

The point was to take advantage of the feat fighter feats that add PRR and tactical DC. It’s a mixed back. The 2 Pally is just there to get some saves. I just didn’t want to waste a +1 heart to blow it away. So I did what I could with it. But I realize it’s a mixed bag since my pure Fighter vanguard is far better because of the cap stone (DPS is a little bit weak on vanguards compared to cleavers but you can make that up by adding the capstone for some nice additional doublestrike).

The bottom line is that I have a self healing pallyfighter with a lot of tactical feats and such but still somewhat weak due to lack of gear.So I have to work on that.

It’s not a bad toon per say; just slightly under geared.


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