You lost me with your elitist nonsense

Over the year I’ve played all sort of quests and raids. With all type of groups. Before we had all the top gear. And there was times when I had to link beaters and tell people about my build.

Twice now today I had to link my beater and also tell people what ED and whatnot. Because you know, DPS.

The first time I got in, doing an EE defiler and we did just fine. I died twice, both in egregious lag blobs,

In the LE shroud I didn’t. Apparently 1600 ave crits using a bastard sword with 60 doublestrike wasn’t good enough. Granted, this is just a guy that can mass stun without issue (just as I did in defiler). They come out of portal, mass stun and then a couple of cleaves later they’re mince meat.

People who say that average 1600 crit is low because they play exploiter barb builds sorta makes me sad. Because while they soak up stuff with temp hit points, they’re not good without the assorted sorcs, warlocks and Wiz doing all the CC and insta killing.

I do wonder however if it’s not the type of people who always bitch about ‘challenge’ in the forums because they built themselves a one trick pony.

That’s alright. I did just fine in Defiler. Where some started complaining about all the spawns coming in and backstabbing the bursting warlocks, I came in, took agro and mass stunned them and a little later they were gone.

I get that people want quality for smooth runs. But it’s a little bit more than face rolling with barbarians if you don’t have good support.

This will most likely be the first time in years I’ve had the opportunity to use squelch.


4 thoughts on “You lost me with your elitist nonsense

  1. EvenNote

    This post needs a “love” button. I’ve run into far too many people, especially when it comes to endgame, who seem to think that if you’re not playing one of those superphenomenal DPS builds, you don’t belong in the game. Even the pally has been accused of “piking” because she “can’t kill anything” by someone who’s never even run with her. She kills stuff just fine – not barbarian-exploity DPS or “I just buy all the tomes and pots I need from the DDO store and edit my videos so you can’t see the parts where I suck” DPS, but just fine nonetheless. Her four-digit b-sword crits with something like a 37% doublestrike chance are plenty good enough for me.

    I just don’t get why people are so elitist about players who don’t want to follow the FotM build train. Why have different classes and races and trees and such if everybody’s going to end up being just like everybody else anyway?

    1. patang01 Post author

      I might not kill portals as quick as the barb smacker, but in a LH run I did I stunned and mass stunned with ease while the big dpsers fell for any spawning Hezrau ambush, They REALLY hurt. But they can’t do anything if they’re stunned 🙂

      And 2-3k crits ain’t bad.

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