On the first day of Slavers, Cannith crafting gave to me….

I am now in possession of 3 new crafted items (Cannith, not against the slavelords), I ran Slavers (what I call it, so sue me) once with an awesome group on LE but the second part ended up bugged and I also ran 3 Elite Cannith quests for the patron reward and Mark of Cannith mats.


I feel a mini rant coming on, but I will keep it short. The grind for mats is stupid. Largely because Turbine decided to add it but not enough of it. Some quests got new dispensers (such as newer ones) and for most part it’s ‘okay’. But large places that would be ideal for a lot of it, got barely anything. Like ToEE. Massive place to explore, piddly amount of dispensers. In fact you’ll have to check half of part 1 top for 3 (that is 3) where as you can do one Devil’s detail quest in the harbor for a quick 2.

Stupid. Very, very stupid. And mobs don’t drop bags. I don’t know if they didn’t have time to add it or made the drops as low as scrolls drop in old epic but even dumber. I’ll be honest with you. I bought crates in the store. Lots of them. That is how I got enought to craft 3 because the game forced me to farm level 15 quests for mats and I ended getting so fed up and mad that it was that or I just left the game for a week.

But I won’t do that anymore.

Making it into tiers and not adding bags to quests like ToEE is a huge mistake. It really makes the entire experience awful. But having to run low end quests for mats to craft a level 30 items just feel….wrong. Stupid. Moronic. I really should be running high end content and loving it. Not level 15 over and over and over for dumb material.

Nothing about this feels organic to what I like to do.

As you can see however the items are nice. I managed to make what I wanted until I can find better named items to replace them. This made my vanguard a snap better, adding 200 HPs easy overall and bumped str from 56 to 67. Not bad at all.


Slavers (get over it, that is what I call it)

Slavers is a hit and miss. I like the content and will do a better writeup but there’s one thing hanging over it; mats for crafting the named items. Absurd amount needed for the piddly amount you get.

Several things; first off it’s long. Do all 3 quests and the minimum time will be between 45 minutes to an hour per part. You need to do all 3 parts do get the end reward and a pick of more mats.

Each chest you find can have 2-5 (average 3) on hard and 7-12 (average 8 it seems) on Elite. That’s 3 hours of getting something like 10-15 on hard with a chance for 20 more as end reward. That’s 15 or so runs, 40 hours a week for ONE effect of 5 (adding augment slot to the mix), 6 if you count also making it a set bonus.

3 items for small set bonus, 5 for large. Most will go with large. One set, running 40 hours a week will take months. Maybe 3-4 on hard slightly less on elite. Put your running shoes on and forget about doing anything else.


I did get to familiarize myself with Cannith Manufacturer again tho. I love the place. I do. Interesting and smartly done quests. All with quirks. Terrible dungeon and pre raids. Awful. A truly hit and miss. You have to run the entire dungeon to unlock elevator to get to raids. You have to essentially run pre raids to run the raids. Add those two facts together and coordination becomes a mess and the entire thing a time consuming bore. The raids are good – they should have just kept them as raids. Or allow people to run pre raids and flagging quests and then the raid from that point forward.

I did it so I could unlock enough favor to get the mark, but it was unlike the farm runs of mats very nice. Time well spent.

My Vanguard

As you can see from the items above, I know have a fairly well equipped vanguard. I still need to add the third tier to the triple pos greensteel, but I got almost everything else I want (I’m not 100 on the goggles yet – there are plenty of good goggles but I am strongly thinking about maybe a crafted one).

Without detailing every single gear, as you can see the stats are okay (on the melee side) and the 60% doublestrike with 107 melee power more then enough.






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