The debate

I’m currently debating with myself on how to best finish my Warlock gear set – particularly to take Slavers in account (5 piece set). It’s easy enough when you consider the named items such as Legendary Mutilator of Minds and Legendary Spinneret – those are excellent editions to the overall build. Or for that matter a legendary stick of greensteel (what kind is still largely a debate but I have ideas) and a greensteel items boosting acid crit multiplier.

That leaves a lot of other slots to be filled.

It naturally boils down to a philosophy of where I’m going with my Warlock moreso than just mindless boosting of certain features (easy enough).

I’ve tried all sort of variants – from the ES temp HP burst version to a melee warlock hybrid (on another toon) and now a more cc/insta kill/high dps version. A version I like the best.

That requires fewer spells (considering just how few spells the Warlocks have, that’s not exactly hard to achieve) but a more active use of specialties. What I mean is that it’s easy enough to view Warlocks (and all other classes) as one trick ponies. A sorta pew pew mill with a few insta kill thrown in for good measure. I play mine as part of a triple play. CC via hold monster or Glacian Wrath or Web or Black Tentacles. Those are choices worthy of your basic Wiz. If you think of it you’ll notice that Wiz usually cycle through a few select spells themselves – often disco ball, web and hold. Where as Warlocks have fewer options and often limited by pact, it’s still 4 choices of some form of hold or crowd control.

The second part is the dps – where as pew pew remains the staple via either cone shaped attack (shorter range) or chain there are also other ways to add more damage. Such as energy burst (acid) as AOE and Soul Eater Eldritch Wave.  All of these options offer varied form of high to average DPS – pew pew being in the range of a few hundred in damage to 1k crits (both piercing and acid) and both energy burst and wave clocking in with 1.5-15k crits (from wave to burst).

And since Glacial Wrath and Eldritch wave have moderately short cool downs you can usually be ready to fire again against the next mob. This is very much true with slavers (mob rich). The only caveat is that cone attacks in DDO are sort of wonky. There seems to be a blind spot somewhere (try using the cone pew pew and you’ll notice that you will miss entirely in dead center).

But that is why it’s nice to have the backup of tentacles, hold monster and web. All 3 things that can naturally snag up monsters.

Or for the single creature that escapes all that CC – devour the soul (favorite insta kill since it works even on undead), 2 FoDs (one SLA), phantasmal Killer (seldom used, just don’t have that much illusion boost) and 2 insta killing AOEs – circle of death and the wail. Some open up with this; such as tentacles and wail. Over and over. And it is a lot easier. I prefer to cycle through my options to preserve SP for when things goes south. Less shrining and less time spent rebuffing. And less 1 trick pony’ing.

To that end I’m now using a few pivotal gear for that purpose; a crafted Spell focus Mastery helmet (5). The earthen cloak for evocation and impulse power. A force lore ring for crits. The ring from HH for boosting utterdark and also adding light damage to each pew pew (good when using chain), the bracers from Defiler that adds all things acid lore and spell power. The Epic Abbott trinket for stacking ability points. A random necklace with Charisma 16. The gloves from Good intentions (adding quality Charisma primarily). Legendary greensteel boots to add acid spell crit multiplier. A greensteel stick that adds acid spell power (stacks with the bracers), insightful charisma and some more stacking acid spell power. That one procs some acid or lightning damage now and then. The orb out of slavers. Insightful spell pen. Crafted goggles adding concentration, spell pen and insightful spell pen (it was useful until I pulled the Orb). And finally a belt adding Con and insightful con. And when I have the mats I’ll also add False Life.

What will change is that I need to fit in 3 crafted slavers items. What goes on them are less controversial as to where I put them.

I will most likely move the greensteel item ability to the goggle slot. Once I pull the spinneret, I don’t really need them. That’ll free the boots slot for possible crafted slavers. I do want to keep the HH ring and put back the Defiler Necklace. Both adds additional sonic and light damage to each pew pew. Given the somewhat lower damage by pew pew compared to the burst damage of Savants and Shiradi casting, it’s nice to add a little more. I’m still debating that.

Anyways – I’m still got some thinking to do. I’m clear about the purpose, just not how I can best boost and support it given the multitude of choices.


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