Things to come

The producers letter makes clear that there are exciting things yet to come. Much of it sliding into 2017, but nonetheless encouraging.

How about 3 possible races? Kobold or Dragonborn and thiefling and something else? That’s a lot of stuff right there. Makes sense that the other 2 comes in a possible expansion and to me it sounds like the expansion itself will be Ravenloft. I don’t know much about it, but it sounds like a delightful thing to drop around Halloween 2017 but most likely as the last quarter offering.

Other interesting things are Deist feats and quest hub. I’ve always wanted something like that. A way to get to the area you’re playing more than spending a lot of time running around. And it helps people breaking into the game. Because the interface of quests and where the patron are is more then confusing and vague.

But in the near future I see lot of runnin’ to do.

DDO Bonus Days bring you a Treasure Hunter’s Weekend with a +10 Treasure Hunter’s Bonus and +2 Loot, starting on Thursday and running through September 25th!


Well played Turbine, well played. You know I can’t refuse the shiny. And with my geared up Vanguard I might just break myself free from slaver LE runs and do some solo runs somewhere to see if I can’t just pull that rare random one.


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