Going back to PK Dualist

There are currently 2 things going on that I like to do ‘more often’ than not. Grinding slavers for mats – easily done on my Vanguard or Warlock – or doing EE solo DQ raids on my Vanguard.

There are reasons for this; like working on a set for the slavers. 3 total items to craft (so a bazillion years) and 2 of the named ones. THEN doing the same for melee.

I don’t know how I’ll keep my sanity, but I’ll worry about that later.

Then there’s my Vanguard doing solo the solo raid. My aim is to hit 20 and hopefully pick up some shards on the way. I never did manage to unlock ring of spellstoring. But I’d love too. But there’s also the item that gives you mass DW. So there are still items from the old Epic level 20 line up that can be useful.

I also want a torc. Perfect for adding a few hundred SP for my Vanguard. Not as a permanent add on, but a switch in, get smacked a little then switch back. I might write up something about those runs – but I’m sure I’m not unique in being able to run that raid on EE.

But I do want to go back to PK dualist. I liked it and I think it’s time to get my sorc to 30, then IR to deep gnome.


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