Sometimes you have terrible times

No amount of DPS can help you when hirelings go derp (specifically healing) and you’re a air savant with only 1 single spell that can hurt an Epic creature, and it’s not your most powerful lighting based attack – it’s meteoric storm. Like against spectral beholders and such. Immune to electric damage.

And of course hirelings refusing to heal themselves. Because, well at one point they did and then Turbine spent the next few patches breaking their script and shrugged and more or less wrote them off.

And while you’re falling through is trying to dps an undead beholder without the big bangs the least on your mind is to toggle healers between attack and defend just to get them to wake up again (and most of the times now a days they don’t anyways).

Simply put; I so wish Turbine got serious about fixing hirelings. Just strip them of all the nonsense script and start fresh. Remove most of the silly features they have that they never use and make the few that make sense work.

A) hirelings on defense should never a) be glued to you so it dies in an enemy AOE while it refuse to heal itself and you

B) keep either hitting or firing of shitty spells while your toon is dying.

C) allow other stuff to die and then spend more SP ressing them.

D) Run back and forth through traps or even remain in them.


Trust me; it’s not hard to script this behavior.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you have terrible times

  1. EvenNote

    First, c’mon, if you’re not doing five-digit damage per swing on non-crits, you’re just piking anyway! [/sarcasm]

    (Says the most conceited of the egolitists…)

    But yeah. This issue has been steadily getting worse for several years now, and IMHO it’s not gotten the attention it deserves. Being completely self-sufficient is great, but it’s not always possible. That’s what hirelings are for, but nowadays they’re far more likely to be a liability than an asset. My low-level druid, when she uses a hire, usually does far more healing of both herself and the hirelings than the hire does.

    Because of hireling changes over the years, you can’t even rely on them as lever-pullers any more. I hope that someone at DDO sees this post and realizes that a hireling overhaul has become a priority.


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