And now for something different

Before I continue my current run as PK dualist (and the roaring 20’s) I’d like to do something that I did in 2012.

The importance of voting.

This is not about whom to vote for. Only why. First, let me state this. Lets not yammer on about how things are rigged. USA is not a banana republic. By statistics actual fraud is a fraction of 1 percent. I just want to state that without preference of candidate because it’s important to not de-legitimatize the function of democracy by acting butthurt.

I get the arguments that it ‘seems’ rigged but it’s both irresponsible and dangerous to make those arguments without any proof. It plays into hands of nations without legitimate democracies and it undermines the very foundation of a democratic system on a basic level.

We don’t always win and the only way anyone should win, is to have a movement behind you and work hard to get more people voting for your ideas than the other candidates.

In essence; that’s it.

But please vote. I get the frustration of people thinking their votes don’t matter and the established system don’t listen – but it’s not going to get better or change if we simply ignore our constitutional rights and vote for a person who have no interest in governing. Movements – or political change don’t happen at the top. It happens bottom up. And it should ideally be about how we want the nation to work for all and not a special snow flake situation of somehow guarantee things for yourself.


Other than my personal preference and ideas, I still think that everyone – even if it is for someone I don’t care for, should vote. This is what this nations founders put in place. Instead of rule by arbitrary lords and kings. Voting might not be unique – but it is a privilege that not everyone enjoy. And even in nations where you can ‘vote’ it’s not always free and legitimate.

So please vote. And please keep politics out of gaming. It doesn’t belong there.


2 thoughts on “And now for something different

  1. ComicRelief

    Nicely stated. I have several ‘politically active’ friends on Facebook, but I try to remain apolitical (at least most of the time). There are several reasons for this, but the top one is “because I’m right and you’re wrong.” (hehehe). But I almost always post “regardless of which candidate you may support, don’t forget to vote.”


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