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A Dark Stormy night

I like Dragonborn.

An ideal character for caster or I can even imagine Pally. I like the look, the rich racial choices and the combination of its racial enhancements and things like spell casting.

I also like the idea of racial reincarnation, but I really think they missed the mark it being the only thing and not combined with say heroic reincarnation.

Lets put it like this; when you do a Iconic reincarnation you also get the heroic past life. The main difference is that you start at 15 and have to go to 30. Doing a Iconic reincarnations don’t give you an Epic reincarnation but it does give you the Heroic past life as well as the Iconic past life.

It’s this type of illogical thinking that makes DDO take one step forward (combining effects because it makes sense) and 2 steps back (because it just is).

What is a racial reincarnation. Well, it’s just LIKE a heroic reincarnation but never mind the class choice – just what race it is.

Please pretty please. Consistency. Just don’t create something because, it does absolutely no harm adding a class based past life to what will be a mind numbing bunch of runs anyways. One of the few reasons I ever bothered doing a bunch of Iconic reincarnations was because I also got the Heroic past life so it didn’t feel like I was entirely wasting my time.


I’m back. I’ve been back. But only sporadically. So many things have happened since I lost my job, fixed up the house to sell, and now found another job, and still looking to sell the house.

Some days and weekends simply fly by in a blur.

But here I am; level 6 Dragonborn Warlock. Took my level 30 Warlock and did a epic reincarnation to get to level 20 and get an epic past life – then racial reincarnation to a Dragonborn. I already have 3 deep gnome under the belt and tons of acid based items (played a acid based Sorc for the longest time) so I naturally created an acid based Dragonborn warlock.

It’ll be a little different – it takes a lot of racial enhancement points to get the good stuff from it. I counted roughly 25. That means a lot less on the Warlock side. I don’t know how that’ll play out yet. You can potentially do a total of 10 racial points, so that would help a lot if I want to stay Dragonborn Warlock. And it is a total of 30 racial reincarnation. That’s quite a few. However it does mean +2 extra Charisma and +2 extra Con too (among others). So more HP and Charisma in the end.

I’d love to do the same with my Gnome Wiz. Both Dragonborn and Gnome have a lot of racial features that seem interesting. And adding those 10 racial points means saving 10 points for the enhancement trees. In my Wiz case that would mean an overall stronger palemaster investment.

Or for my Warlock that would means the possibility of deep investments in the trees and a solid racial.

But this could also mean a very good sorc (something I will try out in my next racial reincarnation. I played an acid based one for quite some time and later on did an air savant. Both added a lot of pain to the bottom line. It’s hard to say which one I liked the most; acid provides a solid acid blast, but it’s conjuration based. That makes for weird investments when so much else is evocation. On the other hand my air savant had much better synergy with evocation. Either way; having a couple of solid SLAs together with a breath attach will do a lot of damage.

But realistically, as much as I’d like several of my main toons to have 10 more racial points to use, the prospect isn’t all that enticing. That’s 30 racial reincarnations. Now if racial and true worked in tandem, just as iconic and true does, I would be more inclined to do it.

Such as offering both the past life and the racial. Just as you get a heroic past life with your iconic past life.

To me it seems silly to a fault that they’re separate, when iconic and heroic past life isn’t.

I’m sure there are a lot of people just like me who haven’t done a completionist train yet and wish the could do so while working on racial reincarnation.