A Dark Stormy night

I like Dragonborn.

An ideal character for caster or I can even imagine Pally. I like the look, the rich racial choices and the combination of its racial enhancements and things like spell casting.

I also like the idea of racial reincarnation, but I really think they missed the mark it being the only thing and not combined with say heroic reincarnation.

Lets put it like this; when you do a Iconic reincarnation you also get the heroic past life. The main difference is that you start at 15 and have to go to 30. Doing a Iconic reincarnations don’t give you an Epic reincarnation but it does give you the Heroic past life as well as the Iconic past life.

It’s this type of illogical thinking that makes DDO take one step forward (combining effects because it makes sense) and 2 steps back (because it just is).

What is a racial reincarnation. Well, it’s just LIKE a heroic reincarnation but never mind the class choice – just what race it is.

Please pretty please. Consistency. Just don’t create something because, it does absolutely no harm adding a class based past life to what will be a mind numbing bunch of runs anyways. One of the few reasons I ever bothered doing a bunch of Iconic reincarnations was because I also got the Heroic past life so it didn’t feel like I was entirely wasting my time.


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