Left the Heavens and entered the Sands

I left 12 behind this Sunday and entered the Sands finishing the undead side – netting about 40k doing the big one, in what seemed like an hour long endeavor. I must say however that I had more intense fun doing the other 2 quests in the area since for some darn reason one of them were infested with reapers coming around corners, with shambling zombies, ghouls and the odd Mummy.

It was awesome. At 13 you won’t have quite an arsenal by Warlock standard, but I fired how half a blue bar worth of web and black tentacles and managed to melt a bunch of zombies in well aimed acid breath attacks.

The Wiz king was more of a hamster chase really; trying to make the hireling rogue to undo traps before the rest ran through all of them. Not to mentioned drop through floors and all manners of ways to make stupid hirelings go poof.

Wiz King of course is nothing compared to the burning city and Chains of Flame – not only for the idiotic run to it, but also the long boring run to the top of the city once you’re inside the quest. Altho I might not get as much XP as Wiz King, I’m fairly sure with the 2 side quests I have still to do – Maraud the Mines and Spawn of Vulkoor, and the third main quest – And offering of Blood, I will most likely finish 13. But I’m not exactly excited about it.

Partly because Menechtarun for all it’s slayer potential – is a pretty time consuming area to explore.


2 thoughts on “Left the Heavens and entered the Sands

  1. House of Grouse

    My completionist is currently a rogue running through the desert. Just hit 1500 of each as I try to balance the kills, too easy to rack up a lot of gnolls. At 12 not too bad except with the undead I have issues as I don’t get my assassin bonuses. Still; I always enjoy there and 9000 slays ins’t impossible just annoying.


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