Ambitious but bad execution

I’ve played DDo for years. Some really hard content, some easy. Update 22 is among the most silly stuff turbine have released. Not because of lack of ambition and certainly not because they added lots of interesting features. But because they chewed up more than they can handle and instead of releasing it 2-3 weeks down the road – they did it now and it’s mostly unplayable stuff.

Take the E3BC wilderness. It’s a faithful translation of the heroic one with some added red named captains in some spots and these new ‘monster’ ships. I like the IDEA of the ship, but the execution is a bewildering mess of bad. Or maybe the fact that they had to release it no matter what. It was explained to Turbine right away that the ships lack any sense of balance. But there you go.

so What are the major issues. In fact it would probably be easier to explain what’s ‘good’ about these encounter rather then what’s bad. But that wouldn’t explain why these are the first encounters that lack any sense of fun. You’d think the Emissary was silly? The auto kill breath spells that can simply be cheesed by sitting on the roof of a building and range? Yeah – well this is a little bit different.

The ships have 2 primary attacks. First a fast shooting set of cannons. Thematically there’s a fire, ice, lighting – I assume acid and then the gorgon – fires pretty much everything including poison. These fires fast, with mostly a large AOE that require evasion to avoid the damage that hits for what seems to be upward to 600 per hit.

the gorgon is bugged because you won’t manage to save against hits. Most of them will be hit, at least for half. With makes me think that the DC of those this are way out of line like the other traps in the quests.

There are ballistas but they can be broken. Plus if you’re close enough to fire ballistas then they’re close enough to use attack number 2. Hooks. They fire these hooks and pirates, lots of them come sliding down. Everything from casters, shooters, melee and lots of Arti’s. You won’t even see these many Arti’s in the Cannith Manufacturer, Seems Arti’s like to be pirates.

These ships have bazillion HP. And once you manage to destroy one you get one chest – random loot – and about 5k XP. So an encounter that’ll take 15-30 dependent on how many you are and the fact that they can fire FAR you’re left feeling robbed. Not only that; Turbine said you can board these ships but there’s only 2 that I know off. One that lands on the ground (cold damage) and the Black Loch vessel that’s sometimes parked by a ruin. The rest of them are too high for you to board so that’s a pile of nonsense as well.

And finally – the quests. Most of the DC of traps are way out of proportion for the difficulty. I entered on normal to see what they’ve done. In Ghost of a chance there was a turret that fires and my 800 HP ranger with evasion and great dodge died before I had any chance to heal myself. It was so nonsense. And in another you drop down a shaft with lots of spears. You won’t survive. That was on normal.

And then you have the ballistas in the house of D Epic quests – hits for 900 with large AOEs. Safe to say it’s not the idea of challenge or dying that bothers me. It’s when you create features that escape any tactical approach. And that’s ultimately the final missed chance here; Turbine added features to the game but forgot about the tactical aspect. And they didn’t have time to finish so many stuff – clearly broken by all the bugs we’ve found – and the polish of balancing encounters.

If a game isn’t fun, but simply a mindless exercise of HP bloat, enormous saves and terrible options there’s no point. I don’t pay for my entertainment to be bored by what is clearly terribly implemented and it’s no my job as a customer to tolerate awful products simply so a select few can go ‘good x thing was to easy anyways’.

Easy is of course not the issue. Not even hard. Is that there’s no possible tactic other than DPS and speed and that’s lazy. Incidentally I fired the ballista too low as I aimed it at a couple of critters. It killed me. Apparently the ballista, traditionally a large spear fires high explosive rounds. Large AOEs too. But they can either just kill you or ships because when I fired it against some wilderness critters they did nothing. Again – interesting ideas, terrible horrid implementation.

I like the new guild ships even if the amenities are not dropping as said. I like the new chain if you can get a heroic comm as end reward but it’s bugged and gives ONE ingot and level 5 loot.

This was explain in feedback on Lamm weeks ago. All these things. From traps hitting out of whack and ships being HP bags with insta kill cannons.

But here we are. Tons of bugs, broken bags, broken new mat function and encounters that makes it feel like I’m going to work a Monday and won’t have any coffee to drink the whole day because someone took the last Keurig cup.

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