I’ll go ahead right now and say it; the shadowdragon raid is not fun. Especially on bluebar. In fact the entire thing is setup to be an even greater timewaste than CITW. Except at least with CITW you were moving forward and you seldom wasted pots on EN. Unlike this one.

Up till the end fight I’d managed to get my blue bar to last. That’s roughly 3700 SP after buffs. There was a point where we had to open a ticket to get something to work and my below 1k shrunk to a few hundred. But we did it, shrined and got ready for end fight. I was on my sorc so I was taking care of shadowlords – red named casters with lots of HP. Generally it took a Ruin and a acid energy burst to deal with them. And they keep respawning.

12 or 14 of her soul stones later we finally found the right now – that was after 10-20 potions of all sorts. Fortunately enough I pull a soul stone myself (I got 2 now) but I don’t think I can afford getting my hands on 30 at this rate. I just can’t think of any worse way of creating a raid that pokes you in the eye more than this random system. And I truly wish the soul stones were BTA – I mean the items themselves are bound anyways and I don’t feel like doing this boring raid on a caster. With the wrong spawn you’ll take forever and it’s not useful to be hammering pot after pot just for win. Some don’t care, but I do. There should be an absolute way to actually handle the use of resources in this raid but it boils down to random and that’s just dumb.

Ideally I’d do this on my ranger. His many SP providing items would regenerate SP for heals. And that’s really all he need. Plus the adrenaline regenerates too which is a good hit when it comes down to it. Heck, being a self healing blitzer would be preferred. I’d be running in circles kill trash over and over. And this is not one of these raids ‘you’ll get better’ in given how random the end fight can turn out. Sometimes you get it one 1 try and then you’ll do fine and other times it takes like this time – 11-14 tries and lots of pots. And not to poop on someones sensibilities, but there are good raids (I’ve mentioned this before) and bad ones. And this is for the people who have tons of resources and like to get smashed over the head with bottles. There are always going to be glass chewers. Always people who have the most fun when the stuff is the most tedious.

I’m not saying I have standards, but Shroud takes skills and experience (DPS is a plus too of course), this shadowraid is puzzle learning and random. But I’ll drudge on. I want to get my 2 things done and then I won’t be going near that raid with my sorc. unlike with my other guys and shroud where I kept doing it despite having all the shards I needed and mats. Because spending 30 minutes doing a ‘quick’ shroud beats not knowing how long this one can take. One worse experience was that CiTW on EE, with nothing dropping in the end and I don’t know how many deaths and constant eye bleeding pain. I think I was on my fighter that day so at least I didn’t waste pot after pot nailing the same stuff over and over just because we couldn’t find the real stone.


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