PvE vs PvP

Today I read an article and then the subsequent article about the online gave EVE and a bunch of hunters stalking and destroying a Titan, the largest ship in the game. Over 3 years. That’s right. 3 years. Now the article itself reads like an accomplishment – that the dedication that was put into finding out who the guy was that owned the Titan (apparently parked in as safe of a place as it could be but inactive since they figured out from other activities that the guy were playing alts), based on forum activities and such and then also noticing that on the forum the guy wanted to sell his Titan.

So these guys went into over watch mode for days, expecting the guy to log in anyday and since they had members in all time zones they could spend the entire 24 hours waiting for activity. And here’s where the whole article went south (from all the down hill it was going anyways) they were just done destroying another Titan ship when someone noticed activity alerted the guy and then gave chase. The basics is that they launched probes, found the guy he flew off, they figured where he could be and then ambushed and destroyed him. Not just destroyed him, but called in everyone that could with people even multi boxing 2-3 accounts to spend 45 seconds to obliterate this guys. Then they also noticed where the pilot probe flew off, followed it and destroyed it.
Why? Well that’s the bottom of the barrel; not because there was a financial incentive to do it, because they could. The whole point wasn’t even about type a pirate – to board, siege and plunder. It was to destroy.

So why south, I mean like someone pointed out in the comment – when you start playing EVE you more or less sign onto the idea that this goes on.

Because this is not PvP. This was digital gang rape. Not even piracy; this was not a bunch of self serving pirates ambushing to steal someones cargo or extort for resources. This was just to destroy the Titan and then kill the pilot. Nothing else.

To me PvP, if you really want to play it, is about balance and skill. If there’s no balance there’s just something wrong with the idea. It’s not even morals – it’s just plain wrong. It would be like kicking a guy laying down because you can. Sure, in a fair fight it would be about skills; like two opponents fencing. But this was a pure ambush to obliterate someone. And that is in any game that I’ve ever played, loathsome. Damaged, mentally in any way.

Now – there’s no consequence. It’s a game right? I’ve played games where I end up conquering the entire world and nuking cities to win (Civ). And that’s because even in games like that the terms are equal and fair. Sure I got the tech first and used it – but the other entity could too and computer opponents even do. But the game doesn’t center on the premise of obliteration to the extreme just because. The aim is to conquer. There’s a goal (and if you’re only doing it to step on ants I guess you’re a little off the rockers).

But this was an article celebration of the act of barbarism. To celebrate stalking an inactive ship, and a person online to see him log on then brutalize him. When I play PvP I assume there’s a balance. That in order to measure skill there’s a level playing field. Like rock paper scissor type. That if I chose Rock I know it’s weak to paper. That has always been the case – and I avoid any game where the premise is simply no balance and all barbarism. To me that shows a very psychotic behavior; it you put so much time into the art of pulling legs of something you’re not right. Which reminds be off the behavior I experiences with a guild a couple of years back. Where if you joined their Shroud runs (and even if they were in others) how at the end of Shroud they didn’t let people call out and clicked on the altar right away, said ops and laughed.

There’s a reason why most people came to find their behavior obnoxious, childish and damaged. And why I refused to even join their run. I just don’t deal with dicks like that, even if they think life online has no consequences. Personally I would never write an article celebrating clearly vulture behavior. The digital realm might not have the consequence as it does in real life, but once you translate that behavior into the digital world and excuse it, it says more about the community that embrace that, over one that compete in skills. I do PvP too, not in DDO since it feels so misplaced, but I do it in games like WoT. And the main reason why I don’t play right now is because the balance is out of whack. And that’s never good for PvP,

So what’s the point about this rant?

Someone spent a long time building a Titan. A long time and a lot of resources. And a group of people stalked him and destroyed it. For no other reason then they could. No skill – just a psychotic behavior of stalking someone for the thrill, then the absolute overkill of digital gang rape. While I personally don’t care I find it mental and perhaps more then so loathsome. That to me takes no skill. Only a bunch of people forming an alliance whose entire existence in the game is to destroy peoples ship. Kinda like those kids that take magnifying glasses and burn insects. Because they can.

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